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Nishtha Sethi

Nishtha Asrani Sethi, born and brought up in Delhi, is a content writer who has previously worked with NDTV and Resolver. Her roots are deep within the food industry, thanks to her family business and a keen interest in contemporary food products. Nishtha loves to serve her articles with a side of humor. Her Bachelor’s degree in Home Science comes in handy while researching the science behind the food. When she is not trying to win a battle of fries vs. fruit with her daughter, she is busy experimenting with her huge joint family with crazy recipes.

Difference of Curd And Yogurt

Curd And Yogurt: Are They Different?

Both curd and yogurt are the derivatives of milk that are prepared by the process of curdling. But did you know that both of them, though similar in appearance, are quite different from each other?