Varieties Of Green Tea: A Beginner’s Guide To Popular Flavors

There are a variety of green tea flavors available in the market. Here is a list of the most popular types of green tea flavors available, and also a list of health benefits associated with them.

Green Tea, considered to be a type of tea that contains the highest concentration of antioxidants, is mostly consumed for its beneficial qualities that include its ability to aid in weight loss, its benefits towards mental alertness and improving dental health. Apart from that, the other thing that keeps you the buyer spoilt for choice is the vast variety of flavours of green tea. Green tea, both tea bags and tea leaves, now considered a healthy addition to your daily diet, is available in many different types of flavours. Not just flavors, ingredients such as tulsi, mulethi, saffron etc can bring in a whole host of specific health benefits to your cuppa as well. So how do you decided which one to buy? Worry not, here is a list of the most popular types of green tea available, and also a list of health benefits associated with them. Read on.

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Types Of Green Tea: Flavor & Health Benefits

1. Honey Lemon Green Tea

If you are looking to get rid of the bitterness or the grassy taste of your average cup of green tea, then this one is for you. The grassy taste is replaced by the sweetness of honey in this drink full of antioxidants, while the tangy lemon taste will refresh your mind even after a hectic day at work. The presence of antioxidants in honey, when infused with green tea, can help in regulating blood pressure, and is beneficial for heart health.

2. Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine, a flower, delicate and beautiful in nature, can also pack a health punch when mixed with green tea. Its essence, when infused with a cup of green tea, results in an antioxidant packed drink that has benefits such as alleviating pains due to Jasmine green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties. 

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3. Mint Green Tea

A refreshing blast of energy is headed your way every time you finish a cup of a freshly brewed mint flavoured green tea. The sweet aroma of this antioxidant drink infused with a minty flavour might just be enough to give your day a zestful makeover.

4. Ginger Green Tea

With benefits such as helping alleviate indigestion and boosting our immune system, ginger when infused with green tea results in a drink that is far more beneficial. These additional benefits come from the anti-inflammatory properties of Ginger, one of the includes being an analgesic which helps in getting rid of muscle pains as well.

green tea flavors
Holy Basil (Tulsi) is one of the oldest natural remedy that has been of significance in Ayurveda

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5. Tulsi Green Tea

Ayurveda, India’s ancient system of healing and wellness recommends tulsi, or holy basil in many home remedies over thousands of years. And there is no doubt, that when tulsi is mixed with anti-oxidant rich green tea, it would create a drink that has several amazing health benefits for your body. Some benefits of tulsi infused green tea include reduction of stress, better oral health, and most of all, tulsi is a rich source of Vitamin K, which plays an important role in bone development.

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6. Chamomile Green Tea

Another flower infused antioxidant rich drink, chamomile green tea, has benefits ranging from skincare to causing relief from pain. Chamomile green tea also helps in maintaining a good digestive health, and keeps the blood sugar level in control by protecting the pancreas. And also, chamomile green tea, due to the presence of an antioxidant name apigenin, which is present in chamomile, binds with our brain receptors and reduces insomnia in order to improve sleep quality. Helping you sleep better, is amongst the most well-known benefits of chamomile tea.

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7. Matcha

Though Matcha is a type of green tea and not a flavour, it is the approach of its production process that gives it a completely different taste than any other green tea. A powdered form of green tea, matcha, unlike others, can be infused in water as well as milk. This antioxidant rich drink is rich in fibre and chlorophyll, and also consists of a healthy amount of vitamin C, which helps in treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Unlike any other form of tea, matcha is directly consumed by diluting it in water or milk, thus it is more concentrated in terms of nutrient, and much more effective than others.

green tea flavors
Matcha is the powdered form of green tea leaves that is usually produced by grinding the leaves in a pestle

In the end, the only thing that can be said is that green tea has a lot of variants, and all of these variants have their own benefits. It is however easier to select an appropriate choice when you are sure about what it is that you need. - Reviews That Matter

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