17 Ways To Cook Eggs: Easy Egg Recipes To Cook For Breakfast

Here are 17 interesting and super easy ways to cook eggs that will make your breakfast healthy and yummy!


Eggs have been consumed by people all over the world for more than thousands of years now.  Eggs are easily available and they are very easy to make. Eggs are an excellent source of protein. An egg is second only to mother’s milk with regards to nutritional value for humans. Eggs can be boiled, cooked, baked, poached and even fried, which makes them one of the most versatile and interesting foods that you could ever come across.

Variety Of Egg Recipes

1. Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs are the most common ways of cooking an egg. The eggs can be boiled to different textures; some may prefer a hard-boiled egg over a soft boiled egg. Eggs are cooked in boiling water. Keep the eggs in water and let it boil for some time to let the egg cook to the consistency that you want. Hard-boiled eggs have a thoroughly boiled egg yolk and egg white, while soft boiled eggs have a jiggly egg white and an oozy egg yolk.

2. Poached eggs

Poaching of eggs is done by cooking the egg out of the eggshell. The egg is cracked and poured into a small bowl and then transferred to a bowl of hot water. In hot water, the egg gets cooked. Once the cooking is done, the poached egg will be jiggly. When a properly poached egg is cut open an oozy egg yolk should run out of it.

 17 Ways To Cook Eggs: Easy Egg Recipes To Cook For Breakfast
Interesting ways to cook eggs: Poached eggs

3. Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is the common breakfast of the Americans. They are made up of an English muffin that is split into two with bacon and poached egg on top of both the pieces. Hollandaise sauce is poured on top of the poached eggs. The hollandaise sauce used in eggs benedict also has eggs in it; the sauce is a smooth blend of butter, eggs and lemon juice.

4. Fried eggs

Fried eggs are one of the easiest egg recipes to make, as there are not many ingredients or steps involved in the same. The cracked eggs should be poured into the pan which already has oil in it. The egg yolk should not be broken while making a fried egg. Once the egg yolk and egg white are cooked the egg should be turned in the pan for the other side to be cooked.

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5. Sunny-side up

Sunny-side up is a lot like fried eggs. While making a sunny side up, break one or more eggs in a pan or skillet with butter already in it. Gaps are necessary for between the eggs, to avoid them blending together to form one giant egg. Cook them for 4 minutes and serve them hot. Unlike fried eggs, when cooking sunny side up eggs, there is no need to turn the eggs in the pan. The yolk should never touch the pan in a sunny side up.

 17 Ways To Cook Eggs: Easy Egg Recipes To Cook For Breakfast
Ways to cook eggs: Sunny-side up

6. Omelet

The eggs are beaten and then fried in a pan with butter while making an omelet. Omelets, usually, have some kind off stuffing inside them; it may be cheese, chives, vegetables, bacon or a combination of some of these.

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7. Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are nothing but frying beaten eggs with butter, salt and sometimes other ingredients such as coriander leaves and spices. The egg should not be completely cooked and should also have a creamy texture in order to make the best-scrambled eggs. You mad add milk or cream to make the eggs rich and hearty.

8. Devilled eggs

Devilled eggs are stuffed eggs. This recipe is made by boiling the egg and separating the egg white and yolk. Then, you should add the ingredients like mayonnaise and mustard to the yolk, making it a paste-like consistency. Then you need to fill the egg whites with this paste.

 17 Ways To Cook Eggs: Easy Egg Recipes To Cook For Breakfast
How to cook eggs in different ways: Devilled eggs

9. Egg curry

Egg curry is a simple recipe that has boiled eggs immersed in a curry. The curry is made out of ingredients like onion, tomato sauce, chili powder, turmeric powder, and salt. Egg curry forms a perfect accompaniment for rice or bread.

10. Egg fried rice

Egg fried rice is made by adding scrambled eggs to normal fried rice. This is made by cooking fried rice by adding cooked rice and frying them with some vegetables for taste, and then adding salt and pepper for flavor. Lastly, soya sauce is poured in the rice mixture and then scrambled eggs are added and mixed to prepare a delicious bowl of egg fried rice.

11. Egg sandwich

An egg sandwich is a dish that contains any type of egg in it as a filling. The egg can be fried egg, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, etc. This is also a very easy dish to make and is one of the most popular breakfast dishes across India and other parts of the world.

 17 Ways To Cook Eggs: Easy Egg Recipes To Cook For Breakfast
Ways to cook eggs: Egg sandwich

12. Egg salad

Egg salad is made by mixing diced hard-boiled eggs and mayonnaise along with salt, pepper, and herbs of one’s choice. Egg salad can also be used as a creative bread spread to make your dishes tastier than before.

13. Egg casserole

Egg casserole is baked food. Beat the eggs and cheese thoroughly before baking them to get a casserole that is full and fluffy. Whisk the eggs, cheese, butter, salt and meats or vegetables along with the cheese of one’s choice. Once they are blended well, pour them in a casserole tray and bake them.

14. Quiche

Quiche is a pie that has an egg as its main ingredient. Quiche is nothing but a pie with eggs, bacon, cream, and cheese as the filling. This dish is originally from France.

 17 Ways To Cook Eggs: Easy Egg Recipes To Cook For Breakfast
Quiche originates from France: Ways to cook eggs

15. Frittata

Frittata is a dish that is similar to an omelet, quiche and scrambled eggs. When these dishes are prepared with a crust, they become a frittata. The eggs are beaten and then bacon, cheese, salt, and chives are added to the eggs. This mixture is then poured on the pan for baking the dish.

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16. Shakshouka

Shakshouka is a dish where the eggs are poached in tomato sauce along with chili pepper, garlic, cumin, paprika, cayenne, and nutmeg.

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17. Cloud eggs

Cloud eggs are eggs that literally look like a cloud. The egg whites are whisked until they are fluffy. Then, they are spread on a baking sheet with a little well in the middle. The egg whites are baked first and then the egg yolk is poured into the well and baked until they are set to the egg whites.


What are you waiting for? Try one of these creative dishes at home to beat the monotony from the eggs right away.

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