Weikfield Mango Flavor Jelly Crystals - Mishry Review
weikfield mango flavor jelly crystals review

Weikfield Mango Flavor Jelly Crystals – Mishry Review

We tried Weikfield’s Mango Flavor Jelly which claims to set without a refrigerator in 45 minutes. But, does it? Read our review to know more.

Every child has a dream that includes a big bowl of wobbly jelly that they can feast on by themselves. Over the years we might have drifted towards waffles and decadent cakes and away from our loved childhood dessert combination of custard and jelly, but it is still a favorite during summertime.

Weikfield Jelly Crystals come in 5 different flavors – Strawberry, raspberry, mango, pineapple, and orange. We tried the Weikfield Mango Flavor Jelly Crystals to see if it is tasty and does it set properly or not. Here is our review.


Weikfield Mango Flavor Jelly Crystals – Everything You Need To Know

Here’s all the information you must know before grabbing a pack. We have mentioned the ingredients, package information, pricing and so on.

Sr No.



(* As per information on the pack)


MRP Rs 45/- (* Price at the time of review)


Net Weight 90 grams



Each serving (100 grams) provides 70 Kcal of energy.



Gelatin Contains no gelatin



100% vegetarian product.



Weikfield Mango Flavor Jelly Crystals – Detailed Review

We reviewed Weikfield Mango Flavor Jelly Crystals to find out its taste, flavor, and whether it does justice to what it claims.



A 90-gram pack of the Weikfield Mango Flavor Jelly Crystals is priced at Rs 45/-.


A single pack contains 80 grams of the jelly mix and 10 grams is the jelly premix sachet.

It is a completely vegetarian product, so people who avoid gelatin can have this without giving it a thought. The gelling agent used is from plant-based/vegetarian sources (INS 407 and INS 508).



How to make it?

The instructions given on the side of the box are very easy to follow. As soon as we opened the box packaging, there was a strong whiff of mango.

We emptied the contents of the pack (light yellow color powder) in a bowl and added the premix sachet (white color powder) to it. In a pan, we boiled 500 ml of water and let it cool down for a minute. In the setting bowl, we added the water and mixed the dry jelly crystal mix. After mixing it, we let it rest to set at room temperature.

The pack claims that the jelly will set in 45 minutes WITHOUT refrigeration, but it did not set within that time frame so we refrigerated and tasted it after 6 hours when it was chilled.




The outcome 

After we took it out of the fridge to consume, it had a lovely jelly-wobble that transported us back to our childhood days. The mango aroma was still intact, albeit a bit subtle. The jelly had a beautiful sunshine yellow color and tasted good. The mango flavor is nice and delicate. The sweetness levels were absolutely perfect which makes this mango jelly a favorable addition to a trifle or a homemade pudding.


mango jelly
The Weikfield Mango Jelly set well and had a nice, mild mango flavor.
Wobbly, wobbly! Mango jelly is ready.


Final Words

Overall, it is a nice jelly if you like mango flavor. As the sweetness is balanced, adding fruits to this or adding the jelly as a layer to a custard trifle will not be a sugar overload.





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