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amul butter cookies review

Amul Butter Cookies Review – Buttery Richness

Amul Butter cookies are heavenly! A crisp bite, buttery mouthfeel, and a light texture.

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4 / 5
4 / 5
Value For Money
4 / 5


Amul Butter cookies have a remarkable texture and taste. Rich and crisp, these are prepared with a comparatively healthier source of fat. You shouldn’t sleep on these!

It’s rich, it’s indulgent, and we bet you can’t stop at just one. Butter cookies! 

After winning hearts with its dairy products, Amul entered frozen foods and now RTE snacks. A remarkable aspect of its cookies is that they are prepared using Amul Butter, and not refined fats. For our Amul Butter cookies review, we ordered the 200-gram carton from an online portal, and here’s how it went. 

Do you dip your cookies in tea or have a sip followed by a bite?

Here’s all you need to know about Amul Butter cookies.

Amul Butter Cookies Product Details
Price (200 grams) Rs 65/-
Shelf Life  Six months
Calories 433 Kcal/100 grams
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Mishry Rating (on 5) 4

Our Review Factors

For our Amul Butter cookies review, we set flavor, texture, and economic value as the prime parameters. Which of these aspects are impacted the highest owing to the use of Amul Butter?

1. Flavor 

Butter cookies have a distinct, rich, buttery flavor. Some brands also add vanilla, orange, or coconut to enhance the flavor further.

We were looking for freshness and balanced sweetness. Are these rich and buttery or undesirable and greasy?

2. Texture 

Amul Butter cookies are eggless. Although eggs do not play any vital role in terms of taste, cookies baked without eggs can turn very dense and crumbly of not substituted. Butter cookies are crisp and yet have a melt in the mouth texture. How do the Amul Cookies fare?

3. Value For Money

Butter cookies fall in the price range of Rs 20-90/100 grams. When Amul was compared to other commercially available butter cookies, we concluded that…

4. Other Factors


Once opened, will the cookies retain freshness in the pack, or do they need to be transferred to another container?


Broken or intact? Were all the cookies identical in size and thickness? Is the surface cracked? Do these look flat or are they well-risen?

Shelf Life

Does the addition of butter in place of refined oils affect the shelf life?

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Amul Butter Cookies – Detailed Review

The cookies are neatly stacked in a tray which is covered with a plastic sheet. The tray is then placed in a carton that resembles the color scheme of Amul Butter packaging. 

The cookies are chunky-looking, round and thick. They have a well-baked subtle golden surface. The top is ever-so-slightly cracked and are almost identical in thickness. A few cookies were slightly smaller than others. 

The main ingredients are refined wheat flour (maida), butter (25%), sugar, milk solids, liquid glucose, raising agent (E500(ii)), emulsifiers (E481(i)), and added vanilla flavor. 

The USP of these cookies is the use of butter in place of vegetable oils. Though both, butter and oil, are sources of fat, the former is relatively more healthy and lends a better, richer flavor to cookies.

Why, you ask? That’s because butter contains saturated fats that are good for your heart when consumed in moderation. Refined/vegetable oils on the other hand, have a lower antioxidant content and contain unsaturated fats that may cause inflammation. 

The texture is just right. These cookies have a buttery bite but do not feel too oily or greasy on the palate or fingers. The cookies are well-baked.

Since these are made with Amul butter, there is a subtle saltiness that balances the sweetness. The rich buttery and milky flavors are desirable. These cookies have a lovely mix of milky and vanilla aroma.

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Flavor- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Value For Money- 4/5
amul butter cookies packaging
These were neatly stacked in a tray.
amul butter cookies review overview
Rich, buttery, and delicious.
  • These cookies are made using 25% butter.
  • It had a subtle yet desirable vanilla aroma.
  • The texture was spot-on! Crisp and buttery.
  • The butter flavor is rich, and not oily or greasy.
  • Taste-wise, the balance of sweetness and saltiness is remarkable.
  • Once opened, you’ll need to transfer the contents to another container. 

Kids, adults, everyone is bound to savour these cookies alike. These are rich, buttery, and have the just-right texture. Milk, coffee, tea, Amul Butter cookies would make a great partner for all your favorite warm beverages. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Amul Butter Cookies.

When compared to other refined fat based cookies in the market, these are healthier. Amul Butter cookies are prepared with Amul butter and not refined oils. Butter, though a source of fat, are saturated which are heart-healthy. Refined oils are a source of unsaturated fats that may cause inflammation.

Yes, these cookies can be paired with a beverage of choice.

Amul Butter cookies have a shelf life of six months.

Yes, these contain added vanilla flavor. 

A 200-gram carton holds 18 cookies. 

Final Words

Our taste buds were on cloud nine, and this is no exaggeration. Spot-on texture, spot-on flavors- Amul Butter cookies are as good as they get. They had the richness you’d want from a butter cookie minus the greasy mouthfeel. These were crisp and showcased a lovely balance between salt and sugar.

Have you tried Amul cookies before? Share your experience with us. 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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