Amul Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate: #FirstImpressions

Amul Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate: #FirstImpressions

Amul Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate tastes reasonably good. It reminds you of the good old Amul Milk Chocolates popular in India decades ago.

Dark chocolate is one of the most sought after foods right now in the market. Packed with antioxidants, dark chocolate can do wonders for your health. The cocoa flavanols in dark chocolate have antioxidant effects that promote heart health, boost your thinking skills, memory and can also help fight cancer. Moreover, if you are worried about those wrinkles, dark chocolate is also considered as an anti-aging food. But, of course, in small, limited quantities only.

The supermarkets are very well stocked with superfoods like dark chocolate with an extra punch of flavors including berries, oranges, nuts, and even chilies. We tried Amul Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate and here is our first impression. Will it be a mouthful of velvety chocolate or a drab experience?

What you need to know about Amul Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

*As per information on the pack

  • It is not recommended for children.
  • It provides 475 Kcal for a 100-gram serving.
  • Amul sugar-free dark chocolate contains an artificial sweetener (Maltitol) which can have a laxative effect on the body.

Amul Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

Amul Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate tastes reasonably good. It reminds you of the good old Amul Milk Chocolates popular in India decades ago.

Price – Rs 125/-

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression of Amul Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

The Amul Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate we tried is the one with 55% Cocoa. It’s not as ‘dark’ as dark chocolates can be.

But, first, what is dark chocolate? Dark chocolate is basically chocolate that does not contain any milk solids, due to which it may have a darker appearance, as well as a more bitter taste compared to regular milk chocolate. Dark chocolate may contain added sugar, but in lesser quantity than other chocolates.

So Amul Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate contains no milk solids – making it a bar of dark chocolate, and contains no added sugar – making it sugar-free.

Ingredients-wise, the sugar-substitute used in this chocolate is maltitol – a sugar alcohol that gets you flavors very close to sugar itself. It is digested slowly and increases sugar and insulin levels in the body slower as compared to sugar. However, it is still a carbohydrate, so it must be consumed in limited quantities only. Diabetics too may indulge in a piece or two of this chocolate, but only on occasion. The presence of maltitol may sometimes trigger diarrhea in some people, but that usually is related to consumption in large quantities.

This chocolate is not meant for kids, and should not be used as a way to allow kids to have more chocolate just because it contains no-added-sugar.

Taste-wise, Amul Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate tastes reasonably good. It reminds you of the good old Amul Milk Chocolates popular in India decades ago. It is not very bitter; the addition of a sugar substitute ensures that.

As compared to other brands, Amul Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate is priced competitively.

If you are a chocolate-lover and end up having more than a fair amount of chocolate every day, then Amul Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate could be a good way to cut down on calories and sugar. Or, if you are looking for weight-loss chocolate, Amul Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate could be a suitable alternative, so long as you maintain portion control.

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