Best Vegetable Chopper (Manual) For Everyday Chopping And Cutting
vegetable chopper review

Best Vegetable Chopper (Manual) For Everyday Chopping And Cutting

Manual choppers save time and effort that goes into chopping, dicing, cutting all those onions, tomatoes, ginger and garlic that go into Indian cooking. We picked 10 manual choppers, and tested them in our review lab to find the best vegetable chopper to buy.

People who love to cook would agree that basic meal prep like cutting and chopping can be a cumbersome process. No one enjoys standing in the kitchen for hours and finely chopping fruits and vegetables. Not only that, the cleaning up that follows is also tiresome. How can we reduce the cutting-chopping load? Enter – Vegetable Choppers!

Thanks to the many manual and electric vegetable choppers available in India, the tiresome process of chopping fruits and vegetables has been made easy. We decided to review the best manual vegetable choppers in India because of their cost effectiveness and the fact that you do not need electricity to use them. But is it so? Are the manual choppers even worth the buy? Are they efficient, easy to use and do they produce uniform results? Let’s find out in our review.

We diced and sliced for over 3 weeks in 4 different home kitchens and another week in our review lab, to find that Smile Mom’s Veggie Chopper is the best manual vegetable chopper to buy in India. It chopped with utmost uniformity, there were no chunky bits, and did so with least amount of effort or noise, making it our Top Pick from the 10 brands we reviewed.

The Best Vegetable Chopper (Manual) To Buy – Smile Mom Veggie Cutter

Smile mom vegetable chopper

Smile Mom Vegetable Chopper

3 Stainless Steel Blade (300 ml) With Microfiber Gloves

Smile Mom’s Veggie Chopper (300 ml) is a handy kitchen tabletop tool if you dislike using the chopping board to chop and dice.

The Smile Mom Vegetable Chopper gave us uniformly chopped, fine cuts of onions and tomatoes. It has a smooth pull action making it really easy and effortless to use.

Size – 400 ml

Price – Rs 900/-*

*Price at the time of review

Why Did Smile Mom Vegetable Chopper Win?

The Best Vegetable Chopper (Manual) in India goes to Smile Mom Vegetable Chopper because of the following reasons –

Unlike a few others we tested, Smile Mom’s Veggie Chopper is not noisy and has an attractive colour.

It has a good quality bowl made of unbreakable ABS plastic.

In addition to very user-friendly cutting and chopping, another feature that makes Smile Mom’s Veggie Chopper really stand out is the fact that it comes with a storage lid that is very functional. This allows you to store leftover chopped veggies even later.

All these features make Smile Mom’s Veggie Chopper our Top Pick for the Best Vegetable Chopper (Manual).


Runner Up – The Best Vegetable Chopper (Manual) To Buy – Nova Quick Cut Small Plastic Handy Chopper

Why Do We Recommend Nova Mini Cutter?

Nova Mini Cutter is a handy kitchen essential that has been designed with quality plastic and stainless steel blades.

This product is not noisy and the string pulley action is effortless too.

Our Review Process

1. The Brands We Reviewed – The Best Vegetable Chopper In India

We chose 10 best manual vegetables choppers in India that are easily available online. Some of these popular brands of vegetable choppers are also available at local markets. Here is the list of contenders for our vegetable chopper review.

Contender 1 – Pigeon by Stovekraft New Handy Mini Plastic Chopper

  • The Pigeon chopper has a three blade design.
  • Material of the chopper: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Material of the blades: Stainless steel
  • Warranty for 30 days only on manufacturing defects.
  • The chopper has a locking system.


Contender 2 – Home Puff Plastic Vegetable Chopper With Storage Lid

  • The Home Puff Chopper has a storage lid.
  • It has a locking system.
  • Stainless steel triangular blades
  • Has a 15 month warranty


Contender 3 – Prestige 3.0 Vegetable Cutter

  • Material of the chopper: Poly-carbonate
  • Material of the blades: Stainless steel
  • It can be used to chop fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheese, fresh herbs and spices.


Contender 4 – Wonderchef String Plastic Chopper

  • Material used: ABS plastic
  • The Wonderchef chopper has a one year warranty.
  • Anti-slip silicone support in the base
  • It has a locking system.


Contender 5 – Ganesh Plastic Quick Chopper

  • Ganesh chopper has a non-skid base.
  • The warranty period is of 6 months
  • Stainless steel blades


Contender 6 – Havells Handy Mini Chopper

  • The Havells chopper has stainless steel blades.
  • The base is anti-skid.
  • Chopper has a safe lid lock.


Contender 7 – Nova Quick Cut Small Plastic Handy Chopper

  • Stainless steel blades
  • One year warranty period
  • Nova’s chopper has a locking system


Contender 8 – Smile Mom Swift Vegetable Chopper With Storage Lid

  • Smile Mom Vegetable Chopper has a leak proof storage lid.
  • Material of the chopper: Food grade, BPA-free material
  • Material of the blades: Stainless steel
  • Anti-skid base


Contender 9 – Tosaa Vegetable Pull Chopper

  • Tosaa Chopper has a 3-blade design.
  • Material pf the blades – Stainless steel
  • It has an anti-slip silicone support base


Contender 10 – Cello New Handy Red Plastic Chopper

  • The blades are made with stainless steel.
  • Container made with food grade plastic.


2. How We Picked Brands

There is a wide variety of brands available in this segment. We categorized brands that come under 1000/- and picked the variants between 300 and 500 ml. We believe these choppers are best utilized by a small family, with the number of family members ranging from 2 to 5.

Beyond this family-size, we believe most would prefer to go for electric choppers or even food processors that do more than just chop and dice. However, the challenge also is that when all you want to do is chop one onion, can you still use these? To be able to answer this question for small families, we went with small size choppers, even though some of these brands offer larger, nearly 1 liter size, bowls too.

All the brands we picked were easily available online on Amazon. Some popular and national brands like Prestige, Pigeon and Havells are available at offline stores as well.

3. Best Vegetable Chopper Review – Who Is This Review For?

This review is for people who are looking to save time chopping and cutting in the kitchen on a daily basis. And, not just those who want to save time, this is also for people who like their onions and tomatoes evenly diced. 

This is for young people who stay away from families either studying or working in a city far from home. Kitchen tools like this are great time savers and also take away the need to eat out everyday. 

This review is not for people who are looking for kitchen tools that also do the work of wet grinding. That would be pretty tedious in something like this and the results would be far from satisfactory. While making chunky salsas and salads is certainly possible in these choppers, the finer consistency required for hari chutneys is not achievable here.

4. How We Tested

Once all 10 vegetable choppers were with us, we shared them with 4 different households who used them for a period of 2 to 3 weeks on rotation. This was crucial because durability should be an important benchmark, and observations from someone using these on a daily basis would be valuable.

We took their feedback into account, and also tested all 10 vegetable choppers in our lab for a week. We used these to chop onions and tomatoes, separately as well as together.

5. Parameters Considered

Noise – Vegetable choppers are small handy devices, but some of them can be noisy. And by noise we mean not the natural sounds of blades cutting chunks of onion, tomatoes, ginger or garlic. We mean noise that emanates from the pulling action. A constant noise that would indicate a design or alignment issue. Such products were ranked low by us. 

Effort – Its manual yes, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. While testing, we noticed a significant difference between how smoothly the string-pulley action works in some.

Color/Look – Pleasing colors and design always make a difference. While the final, and most crucial, parameter was how well the choppers cut and diced, and if they are easy to use, at the end if you had two products with exactly same parameters and results, you would buy the one that looked visually more pleasing.

Any other USP/differentiator – This factor gave our winner the edge. While Smile Mom and Nova came very close in all the factors mentioned above, it was the handy storage lid offered by Smile Mom that pushed it ahead of the others. In a vegetable chopper, an additional lid, that fits well can be a handy accessory that helps you store leftovers. 

Mishry Secret Sauce

A manual vegetable chopper should be able to cut uniform pieces of a vegetable, fine and not chunky. This is the basic job of a vegetable chopper, but just because these are ‘manual’, shouldn’t mean that you have to toil over them. In addition, the noise factor is crucial too. if noisy, the pulling and releasing action can become an irritant in the kitchen. Finally, of course, it’s the quality of the chopping that’s paramount.

To check for all the these factors, our Mishry Secret Sauce chopped and diced a total of over 5 kgs of onions and tomatoes to come to the final winner.

Final Testing Of The Choppers

All 10 choppers went through several rounds of chopping for onions. Through this we were able to narrow it down to the top 3 contenders. At this stage we were only observing them for their primary job – chopping and dicing. The best quality chopping was found to come from Havells, Smile Mom and Nova.

Round 2 included tomatoes, as we now wanted to test our 3 front runners with a succulent, juicy vegetable. Here too, all of them chopped with equal consistency. At this stage, we introduced other parameters like noise, effort, colors/look to find our top best manual chopper. Smile Mom and Nova’s were not noisy at all. Smile Mom’s handy storage lid along with uniformed chopping of onions and tomatoes, no noise and effortless pulling action made it our eventual top pick.

Quick Overview – Features Of Manual Choppers

Note – Prices at the time of review.

List Of Vegetable Choppers Price Special Features What We Loved What We Disliked
Pigeon By Stovekraft Rs 400/- – Anti-slip silicone support in base
– Sharp stainless steel blades
– Container has a plastic body
– Can be used to chop fruits and vegetables
– No effort in pulling the string.
-Very smooth.
– This product didn’t chop as uniformly
Home Puff Vegetable Chopper and Cutter Rs 999/- – Sturdy stainless steel triangular blades
– Plastic body
– No effort in pulling the string.
– It wasn’t noisy
– Didn’t chop as uniformly
Prestige 3.0 Plastic Veggie Cutter Rs 595/- – This chopper comes with 3 cutting blades
– Thicker blade shaft holder
– Plastic body
– No noise
– Seamless pulling
– Uneven chopping
Wonderchef String Plastic Chopper Rs 700/- – Blade Material is steel
– Plastic body
– Sturdy
– Not Noisy
– Lot of effort needed while pulling the string
Ganesh Chopper Vegetable Cutter Rs 620/- – High quality stainless steel blade
– Body is made with plastic material
– Was not noisy – Uneven chopping
– Pull was not smooth
Havells Handy Mini Chopper Rs 699/- – The product has three stainless steel blades
– Anti skid base
– Plastic body
– Chopped evenly
– Pull was smooth
– Noisy
Nova Quick Cut Big Plastic Handy Chopper Rs 699/- – Easy cleaning-blade
– Comes with a locking system
– Plastic body
– Not noisy
– Very finely chopped vegetables
– No added effort to pull the string
None. Nova was our Runner-up.
Smile Mom Swift Vegetable Chopper Rs 900/- – Plastic body
-Leak-proof storage lid
– Sharp stainless steel blades for fast chopping
– Not noisy
– Smooth cord pulling
– Even chopping
– No effort in pulling the cord
None. Smile Mom was our winner.
Tosaa Vegetable Pull Chopper Rs 599/- – Plastic body
– Sturdy 3-blade design stainless steel
– Not noisy
– Smooth cord pulling
– Even chopping of vegetables
– No effort in pulling the cord
– After using for 8-10 days, the plastic bowl started to look old and had scratches all over.
– The material used to make the body was not high quality.
Cello New Handy Red Plastic Stylish Chopper – Material of the body is plastic
– 3 blades with a cover
N/A – Effort required to pull the string
– Slightly noisy
– Average chopping
– No locking system

Are Choppers Useful? | Benefits Of Using A Chopper

Yes. Especially in these fast paced times, where no one has the time and patience to stand in the kitchen for hours to chop fruits and vegetables. Manual and electric choppers are a boon for those who are looking to wind up kitchen chores quickly.

If you love cooking you would know how long it takes to cut and chop fruits and vegetables uniformly before you can start the cooking process. A chopper will help you save time.

Choppers are brilliant for bulk chopping or weekly meal prep if you are working and do not want to start cooking from scratch after work.

Chillies and garlic can leave unpleasant odours or a burning sensation in hands post chopping. This can be easily avoided, thanks to vegetable choppers.

Manual choppers do not require electricity and are very convenient during those long power cuts too.

Features To Look For When Buying A Manual Chopper

Look for the following features if you are contemplating to buy a manual chopper –

Size of the container – Before buying a vegetable chopper for your kitchen, make sure you check for capacity of the chopper bowl. Some are large, while some are small. Some brands provide a large container which are perfect for larger families of 5-7 people, while the smaller container are perfect for a small family of 2-3 people.

Warranty period – The warranty periods of all choppers are different. Check the warranty period before buying the chopper.

Attachments – Most manual choppers do not have a lavish set of attachments, but some might have slicer and dicer attachments too. You can decide in relation to your kitchen and family needs.

Blade material and type, ease of use, and ease of cleaning are some other factors you must consider before buying a chopper.


Smile Mom Veggie Cutter emerged on top for chopping vegetables and fruits in our review. Watch video.


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