Budweiser 0.0 Non Alcoholic Beer Review

Budweiser 0.0 Non Alcoholic Beer Review

Budweiser Non Alcoholic Beer Review

Budweiser 0.0 Non Alcoholic Beer Review

We were very curious to try out Budweiser 0.0 Non Alcoholic Beer to see how it tasted, and does the alcohol really effect the flavor that much?

“Huh?”, “What? and “But why?” are the common responses we get when we ask someone if they have heard of a non-alcoholic beer. Anheuser-Busch InBev is one of the largest brewers in the world and has brought beer brands like Budweiser, Corona and Stella Artois to the market. Recently, they entered the world of non-alcoholic drinks with Budweiser 0.0 Non-Alcoholic Beer.

We were quite excited to try this out even if the ‘beer snob’ in us said: “No, thanks!”. We tried the Budweiser 0.0 Non-Alcoholic Beer to see if it matched the original in flavor and froth. Here is our #FirstImpression.


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What You Need To Know About Budweiser 0.0 Non-Alcoholic Beer

*According to the information given on the can


  • 330 ml can provide 83 calories approximately.
  • Ingredients – Water, malted barley, rice, hops, Co2 and additional flavors.


Budweiser 0.0 Non-Alcoholic Beer

Even though the Budweiser 0.0 Non-Alcoholic Beer has the same froth as beer, it didn’t last too long.

MRP – Rs 80/-

Net weight – 330 ml

*Price at the time of review


#FirstImpression Of Budweiser 0.0 Non-Alcoholic Beer

A 330 ml can of Budweiser 0.0 Non-Alcoholic Beer is priced at Rs 80/-.

Taste and color – The original Budweiser is mildly sweet and wheat-y. The Budweiser non-alcoholic drink tastes the same as the original. The color and consistency are also the same. We felt that flavor-wise, though it didn’t match up to the original. It felt diluted, bordering on watery.

Froth – This non-alcoholic beverage has the same froth as beer but it became flat in no time.


The Budweiser 0.0 Non-Alcoholic Drink Review


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Comments (7)

  • Sunaina Reply

    Oh wow ! This is cool! Thank you for keeping us abreast with all that’s new in the market. Waiting to get my hands on this !

    April 7, 2020 at 12:51 am
  • Ritesh Reply

    But WHO buys non alcoholic beer? Like what’s the point?

    May 17, 2020 at 9:13 pm
    • Shreyansh Nayak Reply

      Those who don’t want to consume alcohol, duh

      February 15, 2021 at 7:14 pm
  • Tj Caldwell Reply

    My husband is a huge fan of Budweiser 0.0 beer. He hasn’t drank a real beer since November 2018. He actually really likes it. I think it is a seltzery taste. But he is happy and so am I.

    June 18, 2020 at 5:05 am
  • T A Boehringer Reply

    The beer is great! We had given up beer on our low carb diet and thought 0 calories, 0 alcohol, 0 sugar would mean almost 0 carbs ….12.1 carbs per can is a little perplexing…we can’t find enough nutrition information to make an informed evaluation.

    July 27, 2020 at 12:59 am
    • tonya Reply

      fyi…it has 91 cals

      August 4, 2020 at 3:50 am
  • tonya cosby Reply

    I was excited to try, however with 22g carbs, not an alternative for healthy keto followers

    August 4, 2020 at 3:39 am

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