How To Use Honey For Healthy Skin And Hair

Honey can be used for bringing health and glow to your skin. It also helps in making your hair shiny and voluminous. Keep reading for more details on this.

Honey is something that everyone loves. It is a sweetener that can be used as a substitute for sugar in many things. Honey is made by bees in the beehive. Honey is made up of 80% sugar and 20% water; this sugar-water ratio is what gives the thick texture to honey. One of the unique facts about honey is that the color of the honey depends upon the flowers from which the bees consume the nectar. Honey has different colors ranging from light golden brown to dark brown color. The color does not determine the taste of the honey.

Honey has a lot of health benefits when consumed properly. It helps to have better heart health, induces weight loss, lowers blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels and also helps in lowering triglycerides. One of the most bizarre facts about honey is that it is good for diabetics. Apart from bringing about internal wellness, honey helps in improving your external beauty as well. Honey can be used for bringing health and glow to your skin. It also helps in making your hair shiny and voluminous. Keep reading for more details on this:

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Benefits Of Using Honey For Healthy Hair | Honey For Hair

Honey is one of the key ingredients when it comes to a lot of beauty products. It is a very versatile ingredient that is used for many purposes. One of the beauty hacks for which honey is used is for making hair masks to give enough life and nutrients to the hair for it to grow longer and thicker.

1. Honey with olive oil

The first hair mask for healthy and moisturized hair is honey combined with olive oil. This helps in giving life and sheen to dull and dried hair. The olive oil helps in providing the shine and moisture to the hair while honey gives all the nutrients to the hair to make it look lively.

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2. Honey with banana

The second hair mask is made by mixing honey and banana. The mixture should be thoroughly blended for better results. This hair mask acts as a conditioner as well. This hair mask hydrates dry hair and also helps to have a healthy scalp.

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3. Honey with egg

The hair mask made by blending honey and egg is the best home remedy for hair fall and dandruff problems. The eggs and honey should be beaten until it forms a cream-like consistency and should be applied on the hair to achieve desired results. This hair mask not only helps in dandruff reduction and hair fall control but also in growing thick and nourished hair.

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 How To Use Honey For Healthy Skin And Hair

4. Honey with avocado

The best hair mask for a healthy scalp and nourished hair from root to tip is the one made out of avocado and honey. The hair mask is made by blending avocado and honey into a paste-like consistency. This mixture is then applied throughout the hair and allowed to rest for about 30 minutes before washing off with cold water, for best results.

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5. Honey with coconut oil

Coconut oil and honey is a combination that is used by many people across the globe.  This is because, coconut oil when mixed with honey, provides a lot of nutrients and minerals to help the hair to get enough nutrients. This hair mask is great for the strengthening of hair follicles.

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6. Honey with mayonnaise and avocado

This mask is made by blending the pulp of a ripe avocado, mayonnaise, and honey. All the three ingredients should be thoroughly blended and should be applied to the hair and well-rested for it to work its magic on the hair.

 How To Use Honey For Healthy Skin And Hair

7. Honey with oatmeal

Oatmeal and honey hair mask is made by making a paste with oats, yogurt, and honey. This is a hair mask that acts as a cleansing agent and helps to gets rid of all dirt that gets stuck to the hair due to the pollution. This also helps in getting rid of excess oil from hair.

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Benefits Of Using Honey For Glowing Skin

Honey is an effective ingredient in skin-care products as well because it is very smooth on the skin. Honey has the potential to prevent our skin against inflammation, cell damage due to oxidative stress, acne, breakouts, and other blemishes. Here are some benefits that you can enjoy when you use honey on your skin:

1. Hydration and retention of moisture

Raw honey can be applied on the face regularly for glowing skin. Raw honey is great for moisturizing dry and dull skin. It is a great moisturizing agent that hydrates the skin thoroughly. The natural humectant and emollients found in honey help in keeping the skin moisturized even after the raw honey is washed away.

2. Exfoliating agent

Raw honey is a very good exfoliating agent because honey when left untouched for a period of time, starts to crystallize. This crystallized honey can be used as a scrub to exfoliate the skin. This is a natural scrub that is very gentle on the skin. The crystals, when used as a scrub along with water, de-crystallize as soon as they make contact with the skin.

 How To Use Honey For Healthy Skin And Hair

3. Great for scars

The antioxidant-rich honey is great medicine for all kinds of skin scars. The scars that seem to be permanent can be lightened with the proper use of honey. Buckwheat honey is the best type of honey for healing scars as it has very high antioxidant content. Honey should be massaged periodically on the scar for two to five minutes for it to work its magic.

4. Acne removal

Honey is also used for removing acne as naturally as possible. The natural healing property of honey makes it the best remedy for acne removal. Honey is also used in bath soaks. This helps in having a soft and spotless skin. To have great results, it is better to look for bath soaks that have high honey content in them. Honey can also be used as cuticle moisturizer. One of the painful things about cuticles is that it has a tendency to peel off when not properly cared. Honey can be used as a moisturizer for cuticles. Therefore, it avoids any further damage to already painful cuticles.

 How To Use Honey For Healthy Skin And Hair

What to note when you plan to use honey for the overall health of your hair and skin?

  • People who wish to use honey as a face mask, moisturizer, conditioner and hair mask should make very sure that they are not allergic to honey. If they are allergic, it might lead to some irritation or burning sensation on the skin.
  • Other than allergic reactions in people, honey has no other disadvantages to it when it comes to skincare and hair care. They are the best available natural ingredients which gives enormous benefit without any side effects that can cause a permanent damage.
  • The antibacterial and antiseptic characteristics of honey make it a natural medicine to treat scars and it also helps in healing them quicker, without major hassles.
  • Honey has a very sticky consistency because of the sugar content in it. However, this stickiness can be toned down a lot by mixing a little bit of water which will make the consistency a lot easier for you to handle while preparing hair and skin-care remedies.


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