ITC All-Purpose Gravies Review – We Tried Two Variants!

ITC Mastechef Gravy

ITC All-Purpose Gravies Review – We Tried Two Variants!

Ready-to-use gravies that are free of preservatives? Yes, these are now available. A sweet-tasting gravy that does not deliver on the tangy promise and one that tastes like store-bought ginger-garlic paste. Scroll down to find our winner!

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The good part about these all-purpose gravies is that have no added preservatives. However, they both failed to leave a mark on our palates. These scores are for the tomato makhani gravy, as the cashew gravy was not just visually unappealing, it had a very unappetizing flavor.

With its headquarters located in West Bengal, the Indian Tobacco Company, popularly known as ITC, employs over 35,000 people in India alone!

In 2001, ITC entered the ready-to-eat segment of the food industry with Kitchens of India. From instant noodles to frozen snacks, ITC has recently come up with #Readyin123.

This category of products contains pre-seasoned and cooked gravies where all you need to do is add ingredients of your choice and have the side-dish ready within minutes. And needless to say, all your hours standing in the kitchen- peeling, cutting, chopping, seasoning, stirring- eliminated!

For our ITC all-purpose gravies review, we ordered two variants –  cashew onion and tomato makhani online from an online store. 

Team Mishry discussed several features, including taste, texture, convenience, during the ITC Master Chef All-Purpose Gravies review. Keep scrolling to read more!

The ITC all-purpose gravy is available in three flavor variants- cashew onion, tomato makhani, and korma masala. These pre-seasoned gravy packs contain no added preservatives. 

This range of ITC all-purpose gravy is curated by the master chefs at ITC hotels, and you can customize these as per your need. 

No preservatives, no colors, or artificial flavors, the ITC all-purpose gravies are made using vegetarian ingredients. 

Best paired with roti or rice, the color and aroma, ease of use, and such other factors that users would need to know before making the purchase decision are covered in Team Mishry’s ITC master chef all- purpose gravies review.

1. Available Range

Ready-to-eat and ready-to-use products have seen an ever-increasing demand lately. Such products not only make your cooking experience convenient, but they also keep your apron clean and your mind calm. 

However, most ready-to-use food products are loaded with preservatives and additives. Since more and more people are becoming aware of what they put inside their bodies, reading the nutritional label has become as important, if not more, than the taste. 

The ITC all-purpose gravies are devoid of preservatives, but do they taste authentic? 

2. Ingredients 

The tomato makhani variant uses tomatoes, tomato paste, garlic, skimmed milk powder, sunflower, and palmolein oils, rice flour, dehydrated fenugreek, watermelon seeds, ginger, garlic, spices and condiments as the primary ingredients.

The same for the cashew onion variant are- onions, cashew, sunflower oil, rice flour, white butter, garlic, ginger, green chilli. 

Let’s find out whether or not we could taste these ingredients!

3. Price

The 200-gm pack of the ITC all-purpose gravy is priced at Rs 100/-. Looking at similar products in the market by other brands, we think this price is pretty great. Especially the clean ingredient list makes this an economical option. 

4. Packaging

The colors on the pack somewhat resemble the actual color of the gravy post-cooking. All packs have images of the primary ingredients used. There is a vibrant green label that mentions how no preservatives have been added. On the back of the pack, you can see the ingredients, the cooking and storage instructions, and the nutritional label.

ITC All-Purpose Gravies Review – Here are the Parameters

For our review of the all-purpose gravies by ITC Master Chef, we ordered two out of three variants on Amazon. Since these pre-seasoned gravies are ready to be consumed in under five minutes, we were concerned about whether or not the veggies or protein source (paneer) would grab the flavor. 

Taste being the most important, consistency, cooking methods, ingredients, alternate uses were the other parameters that helped us form a fair review.

ITC Mastechef Gravy

1. Taste

Both the variants we ordered- cashew onion and tomato makhani had a restaurant-like aroma. Similarly, we noticed a higher-than-average amount of oil present in the gravies. 

The tomato makhani variant of the ITC all-purpose gravy had a sweeter taste as opposed to the tangy flavor we expected it to have. In addition to the sweetness, the tomato makhani variant also had the warmth that a homemade garam masala dish typically has. 

On the other hand, the cashew onion gravy had a dominant ginger-garlic aroma that somewhat felt more like a store-bought paste. This ITC all-purpose gravy has onion in its name but hardly does any justice to it. It felt like the onions hadn’t been roasted well. Instead, they were just boiled and pureed.

2. Consistency

Both ITC all-purpose gravies we tried have a thick and creamy consistency. You are recommended to add an equal proportion of the pre-seasoned sauce to water/milk as per your preference. For our review, we used the same quantity of water.

3. Flavor

Flavor-wise, the tomato makhani had a sweet taste initially and ended with a kick of garam masala. Though we liked the overall taste, the tomato tanginess was missing. 

Talking about the cashew onion gravy from the ITC all-purpose gravy range, the onions that we could taste felt boiled. Typically, gravies used in Indian dishes have onions roasted until they turn pink/translucent. Moreover, this gravy had a dominant ginger-garlic taste. It tasted a lot like store-bought ginger-garlic paste. 

4. Ease of Preparation

Peeling, chopping, cutting, blending, making a puree, adding spices and seasonings seems like a never-ending process. This is where a ready-to-use, pre-seasoned gravy sounds like something you’d want to try. 

The ITC all-purpose gravies are pre-seasoned and cooked. All you need to do is add some milk/water with veggies, dals, or a protein source of your choice. 

Then, you let it simmer for around five minutes, and voila! You have a wholesome side dish ready almost instantly! 

5. Price

The 200-gm pack of the ITC all-purpose gravy is priced at Rs 100/-. We added 3/4th cups of the gravy to 40-60 gm of Patanjali Paneer. 

This makes a little over two servings. 

(We think compared to a similar side dish you’d get at a restaurant, the ITC all-purpose gravy makes for a budget-friendly option.)

6. Numerous Gravy Options

What we really liked about the ITC all-purpose gravies was the liberty one pack gives us to make a variety of dishes. There are several ways to use these pre-seasoned gravies from dals to veggies and even a non-vegetarian sabzi.

ITC Master Chef All-Purpose Gravies- Let’s Review the Two Variants

The Mishry test kitchen was filled with a restaurant-like aroma during the preparation of both these gravies. The ITC all-purpose gravies are quick-cooking and definitely a value-for-money option.

However, do the flavors do justice to the names? Do the ITC all-purpose gravies taste authentic? Is this something we would recommend our readers to try out? Check the table for a detailed analysis of the two variants we tried. 

Parameters ITC All-Purpose Gravy Cashew Onion ITC All-Purpose Gravy Tomato Makhani
Price Rs 100/- for a 200-gm pack Rs 100/- for a 200-gm pack
Ingredients Onion (39.2%), Water, Watermelon Seeds, Refined Sunflower Oil, Garlic (3.7%), Rice Flour, Skimmed Milk Powder, White Butter, Ginger (1.5%), Sugar, Cashew Nuts, Iodized Salt, Green Chilli, Spices and Condiments.  Tomato (37.5%), Water, Watermelon Seeds, Garlic (6.6%), Tomato Paste (5.6%), Refined Palmolein Oil, Skimmed Milk Powder, Refined Sunflower Oil, Ginger (3.3%), Sugar, Spices, and Condiments, White Butter, Rice Flour, Iodized Salt, Dehydrated Fenugreek.
Cooking Method Take equal quantities of the gravy and milk/water as per your preference. Add veggies or other ingredients and let the mix cook for 3-4 minutes.  Take equal quantities of the gravy and milk/water as per your preference. Add veggies or other ingredients and let the mix cook for 3-4 minutes. 
Calories 239 kcals/100 gm 245 kcals/100 gm
Flavor A strong ginger-garlic flavor combined with boiled onions.  An overall sweet flavor with a hit of garam masala. The tanginess you’d expect from a tomato-based dish was missing. 

1. ITC Master Chef Cashew Onion All-Purpose Gravy 200g

ITC Mastechef Gravy

The ITC Master Chef All-Purpose gravy in the cashew onion flavor has a finely ground consistency. Though the list of ingredients used gave us high hopes, the final result disappointed a bit.

Strong on the ginger-garlic flavor, this ready-to-use gravy seems to be made using boiled onions. Since the cooking methods have a huge impact on the overall taste of the dish, the way the onions were cooked before adding them to the dish brought the overall taste and experience down. 


  • The ITC all-purpose gravy in the cashew onion flavor has a finely-ground consistency.
  • The aroma is similar to that of  a restaurant-style white gravy. 
  • The color of this gravy can be described as a dull beige that matches that of poppy seeds. 
  • You would be reminded of a store-bought ginger-garlic paste with this cashew onion gravy. 
  • This ITC all-purpose gravy variant uses a ton of different ingredients. 


  • The cashew onion ITC all-purpose gravy cooks in under five minutes. 
  • You can customize the entire dish and its flavors by switching up the ingredients and adding additional spices. 
  • A restaurant-style side dish can be prepared with a minimal number of ingredients.


  • This ITC all-purpose gravy has a boiled onion taste that we didn’t like too much. 

Best Suited For

The visual appeal of any food item is significant in all Mishry Reviews. Whether it’s a frozen food product or a ready-to-eat pack, the way it looks adds to the overall value. The cashew onion gravy had a dull beige color that we found was not too appealing. 

After our taste test, we strongly felt something was missing or something wrong with this recipe. This gravy has a long way to go before it becomes a frequently used product in our pantry. 

ITC Mastechef Gravy

2. ITC Master Chef Tomato Makhani All-Purpose Gravy 200g

ITC Mastechef Gravy

The ITC Master Chef All-Purpose gravy in the Tomato Makhani flavor in a word sweet. As you take the first bite, there is a mild sweetness that tastes pretty decent. 

Towards the end, you feel a garam masala kick. 

If this product is marketed without the tomato makhani tag, it is a good product. However, since it does have the tomato tag, the absence of the tangy flavor you want from a tomato-based dish makes this an average product. 


  • The 200-gm pack is priced at Rs 100/- which would make around four servings.
  • You can cook a side dish in three easy steps using minimum ingredients.
  • The taste can be altered by adding spices. 
  • This ITC all-purpose gravy has a vibrant, dark red color. 


  • This is a sweet tasting gravy that pairs well with chapatis/parathas. 
  • Similar to a bhuna masala gravy, the tomato makhani from the ITC all-purpose gravy range has a restaurant-like aroma. 
  • This pre-seasoned gravy has a thick consistency that feels rich. 


  • The tanginess that tomatoes add to a dish was missing. 

Best Suited For

If you don’t mind the absence of a tangy flavor or you are comfortable with adding that yourself, this ITC all-purpose gray might be something you would like. 

Additionally, individuals that prefer their gravies or side dishes a little on the sweeter side with a balance of some heat coming from masala are sure to enjoy this. 

One recommendation from the team- relish this with roti/paratha instead of rice. 

ITC All-Purpose Gravy Variants Review- Our Top Picks

Though the ITC all-purpose gravy in the tomato makhani flavor lacked a tangy punch, we liked it better than the cashew onion gravy from the same range. 

Both flavors we tried have a restaurant-like aroma, no doubt. The consistency is like it should be.

That being said, these pre-seasoned gravies can be altered in terms of flavor too. (But since these are pre-seasoned gravies, adding multiple ingredients from your own pantry kind of defeats the purpose.)

Hence, the tomato makhani variant is our Top Pick between the two. 

ITC Masterchef Gravy

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on ITC all-purpose gravy

1. Where can I buy the ITC all-purpose gravy variants?

The ITC All-purpose gravies are available online on Amazon as well as offline in super markets in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, etc.

2. How should I store the ITC all-purpose gravy?

You are recommended to store the packs in a dry and hygienic place. Once opened, you can store it in your refrigerator. However, make sure to consume it within two days of opening. 

3. Are all ITC all-purpose gravy variants vegetarian?

Yes, all ITC all-purpose gravy variants are made using vegetarian ingredients. Although, you can make non-vegetarian side dishes using the same gravy. 

4. How do I cook dishes using a pack of the ITC all-purpose gravy?

You can prepare a side dish in three steps. Add the gravy to a pan, add milk/water proportionately. Add veggies/protein source or any other ingredients you prefer. 

5. Which is the tastiest ITC All-Purpose gravy?

In our opinion, the tomato makhani flavor variant had struck a balance between a restaurant-like and a homestyle paneer dish. 

6. Which ITC All-Purpose gravy contains preservatives?

None. All ITC All-Purpose gravies are free of preservatives.

Final Words

Summing up the content with two or three short paras with encouraging people to comment

There you have it! A detailed review of two variants from the ITC all-purpose gravy range. While we liked one, the other flavor didn’t please us half as much. 

If you’re someone who’s always in a hurry but is trying to reduce outside food from their diet, these gravies may be something to consider. The fact that these go bad two days after opening the pack matches the no preservative claim. 

However, if you find cooking therapeutic and enjoy making your gravies from scratch, you might want to skip this review. But if you do try one of these pre-seasoned gravies, let us know what you relished it with!

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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