LG vs Samsung Refrigerator: Which is the Better Option?

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator: Which is the Better Option?

This article discusses the comparison between Lg vs Samsung refrigerators. It is a user guide to choose between Lg and Samsung Refrigerators.

The top brands in refrigerators with great selection models and striking designs are LG and Samsung. It demands a good quality analysis of the products from both brands. Because when it comes to which is superior, then we need to look for a refrigerator comparison between LG and Samsung. To make it simpler, one can look at a detailed analysis along with reviews.   

Choosing between the two is not so easy. It is essential to differentiate both brands between certain facts and features. LG Vs Samsung Refrigerator analysis then enables the process, as the products from both the brands are similar in functionality and design. It is the main reason for the classic rivalry between the two.   

Realizing this fact, we have gathered all the relevant information for you to decide from. The unique features and characteristics of the Lg and Samsung refrigerators are significant points in the post. Before finding facts on the Lg vs Samsung refrigerator, it is necessary to know about both the brands. 

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator – In Depth Comparison

LG and Samsung have a wide range of refrigerator models that they offer to customers. For detailed contrasts between the refrigerators, we should differentiate them separately, with one brand at a time. So, now we will balance the differences between LG and Samsung Refrigerator.

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1. About Brands

Before going into the deep analysis, let us know a brief about LG and Samsung.

1.1 LG  

The year 1958 marks the beginning of LG. LG’s country of origin is South Korea. The history of the company reveals that the company has a goal to sell goods that can create more comfortable lives. LG kitchen appliances have always been providing a better lifestyle with ceaseless innovations. The company offers appliances like monitors, TV, air conditioners, washing machine, refrigerator, etc.   

1.2 Samsung   

In 1938, Samsung set its root in South Korea. It is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, South Korea. The company is one of the largest producers of electronic devices, which focuses on future ease and innovations. It has continued satisfying its customers for 82 years. The product from Samsung includes appliances, digital media devices, semiconductors, metal chips, etc.   

2. Specialty In

Both brands provide similar functionalities and styles. But they have some unique features.

2.1 LG Refrigerators

When it comes to innovations, LG has an edge. 

2.2 Samsung Refrigerators

While Samsung leads in the design and handle-less products. 

3. Facts 

Now we will look into the facts about both brands’ refrigerators for a more detailed analysis.

3.1 Lg refrigerators  

  • LG is the only brand in refrigerators that stands with neck-to-neck competition in terms of innovation. It offers top-quality products that make good with a commitment to delivering user convenience. 
  • LG refrigerators produce spherical craft ice, an advantage over Samsung refrigerators. This quality lets ice last longer without melting than ice.   
  • LG Inverter Technology offers speed regulation of the compressor depending upon the situation, therefore optimizing the noise and energy.   
  • LG refrigerators keep food fresh for a longer time because inverter technology does an excellent job of keeping a constant temperature. 
  • It is also known as the kingmaker of the kitchen.   

3.2 Samsung Refrigerators  

  • Samsung is the most successful electronic brand in the world. The products from Samsung have a sleek design with high quality. Samsung Refrigerator Reviews India is also satisfying.   
  • The appliances from Samsung hold a significant share in the market ahead of many other brands.   
  • The twin cooling system in the Samsung refrigerator offers it a lead. It controls the refrigerator and freezers independently with different evaporators.   
  • It has a perfect handle-less design that makes it a more convenient design with more fridge space.   
haier refrigerator
Haier Refrigerator

4. Features

Both are unique in many things, such as design, functionality, and style, but have many unique features. Check Samsung vs LG refrigerator details for further assistance. 

4.1 LG Refrigerators 

LG fridge reviews make it stand out from the other brands. Since LG is innovative, therefore LG Refrigerators models have many distinguishing features.   

  • Smart Diagnosis  
  • LoDecibel Operations  
  • Insta View Door Design makes you see what is inside your fridge.   
  • Auto door open feature that opens the door when one steps in front of the refrigerator.   
  • Remote fridge management makes use of Smart ThinQ Technology.  

4.2 Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung products have remarkable features; therefore, before using Samsung refrigerators, try to know about Samsung Refrigerator Reviews and buying guides to avoid future issues.    

  • It has FlexZone technology that converts freezer to fridge and vice versa.   
  • Metal cooling feature to regulate the temperature inside Samsung Fridge.   
  • It has an autofill water pitcher feature to blend fruits or brew cold tea into drinking water.   
  • It has a touchscreen door, voice control, notifications, etc.  

5. Connectivity Option 

The LG and Samsung companies have refrigerators that can connect to mobile phones using the Wi-Fi connectivity option. These services are usually high end with premium charges. The connected refrigerators are limited to the Family Hub Series. Through this, voice controls the refrigerator’s functioning, and it allows many more features using Bixby’s Assistant.   

6. Technology Used 

When it comes to comparing linear compressors and digital inverters, then definitely Samsung digital inverter has an edge. 

6.1 LG Refrigerators  

The linear compressor works smarter with improved durability. There are problems associated with a linear compressor. One of the main issues is the tubing of the evaporator, which works in conjunction with the compressor. To reset the LG linear compressor, one should try to unplug the unit or trip the circuit breaker for at least 30 seconds. The compressor will start cooling within 24 hours after you hear a kickback.   

6.2 Samsung Refrigerators

The digital inverter in Samsung refrigerators controls temperature levels by making adjustments to its RPM speed, which reduces noise to a considerable limit. It is 40 percent more efficient in energy than conventional compressors. The disadvantage of this compressor is that it releases more greenhouse emissions. It is better than compressors, as the noise level of such compressors is high, and the efficiency is low.   

Other than a digital inverter and linear compressor, door configuration plays a significant role in differentiating better products. 

7. After Sale Service

Before buying a refrigerator, after sale service is one of the main factors we must look into.

7.1 LG Refrigerators

LG has captured the market with their outstanding after sale service. Due its popularity in the market, it is ruling this sector with high standards.

7.2 Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung also provides good after sale service. Though there’s a long way to catch up like LG. They are coming up with more service centers and skilled technicians.

haier side by side refrigerator
After Sale service is one of the prominent factor one must look for while selecting any refrigerator brand.

8. Door configuration   

When we are willing to find a proper comparison of refrigerators, then let’s not forget the door configurations made available by both brands. The door configuration in LG and Samsung Fridge.

8.1 LG  

LG offers a wide range of door configurations. Some of the popular door configurations of the fridge which are widely bought are:

  • French Door
  • Side by Side Door
  • Bottom Freezer
  • Top Freezer

8.2 Samsung

Samsung leads in design and brings the most spacious refrigerator as per user convenience. Want to know the best part? Samsung uses FlexZone technology that lets the freezer convert into a fridge and vice versa. Here is a list of door configurations Samsung offers in a refrigerator.

  • 4 Door Flex
  • 4 Door French Door
  • French Door
  • Side By Side Door
  • Bottom Mount Freezer

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LG and Samsung Refrigerator Models Comparison

We have curated a few refrigerator models for a hand-on comparison based on the door configuration and the capacity. Let us find out: Which is better?

1. Side By Side Refrigerator

Here we will compare the side by side refrigerator models of LG and Samsung.

1.1 LG Linear Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator [GC-B247SLUV]

This LG refrigerator comes with an energy-saving feature along with an invertible linear compressor and has a storage capacity of 687 L. The MRP of this refrigerator is 1,11,190 INR.

lg side by side refrigerator
lg side by side refrigerator
  • It comes with an auto-defrost function to prevent ice build-up.
  • Has no star rating
  • Has Special Features such as Inverter, Wi-Fi Control, Door Lock, Multi Air Flow Cooling Technology, Exterior LED, Multi Digital Sensors, Express Freezing, Child Lock, Door alarm, Smart Diagnosis, LED Lamp, Deodorizer, Fresh Zone and Door basket
  • Shelf Type–Glass
  • It has a fresh food capacity of 422 L and a freezer capacity of 265 L.
  • Suitable for the family with five or more members.


1.2 Samsung Inverter Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator [RS72R5001M9TL]

The capacity of this side-by-side refrigerator is 700 L and has more space inside with unique Spacemax Technology. The cost of a Samsung inverter frost-free side-by-side refrigerator is 89,590 INR.

samsung side by side refrigerator
samsung side by side refrigerator
  • The annual energy consumption of this refrigerator is 200 kWh.
  • It has a fresh food capacity of 431 L and a freezer capacity of 269 L.
  • Shelf Type–Glass
  • Uses all-around cooling to keep food fresh everywhere
  • Has a DIT Compressor that saves energy consumption up to 50%.
  • Special Features: Stabilizer free operation, Spacemax Technology, and All-Around Cooling.


LG vs Samsung Side by Side Refrigerators Model Comparison

lg vs samsung side by side refrigerators model comparison

2. Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Here we will compare bottom freezer refrigerator models of LG and Samsung.

2.1 LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator [GC-B369NLRF]

It comes with a smart inverter compressor. The capacity of this bottom refrigerator is 335 L. This LG bottom freezer refrigerator costs 54,990 INR.

lg bottom freezer refrigerator
lg bottom freezer refrigerator
  • Has Door Cooling+ technology that delivers freshness evenly and faster
  • Multi Airflow lets air circulate quickly and has uniform cooling.
  • Has 2 Star Rating
  • Special Features: Auto Smart Connect, Smart Diagnosis, and Reversible Door.
  • It has an eco-friendly refrigerant.
  • Shelf Type–Toughened Glass

2.2 Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator [RB RB34A6B2F22/LV]

The technology used in this Samsung refrigerator is a digital inverter. The model comes with black glass. It has a storage capacity of 340 L. 

samsung bottom freezer refrigerator
samsung bottom freezer refrigerator
  • Uses SpaceMax technology
  • It has an all-around cooling that circulates the airflow.
  • The exterior of this refrigerator model has a seamless and sleek design.
  • The capacity of the fridge and freezer is 230 L and 114 L, respectively.
  • It has a frost-free function that defrosts the ice build-up.
  • Shelf Type–Tempered Glass
  • Special Feature–Reversible Door, Door Alarm and Refrigerant–R600a.

LG vs Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerators Model Comparison

lg vs samsung bottom freezer refrigerators model comparison
LG vs Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerators Model Comparison

3. Double Door Refrigerator 

Here we will compare the double door refrigerator models of LG and Samsung.

3.1 LG Double Door Refrigerator [GL-S292RDSX]

LG Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator has a capacity of 260 L. It has a smart inverter compressor. The MRP of this refrigerator is 33190 INR.

lg double door refrigerator
lg double door refrigerator
  • This refrigerator model of LG has a 3-star energy rating.
  • Is Convertible
  • Suitable for small families and bachelors
  • Annual energy consumption is 198 kWh.
  • The capacity of the fridge is 185 L, and the freezer is 75 L.
  • Shelf Type–Trimless Tempered Glass
  • Special Features: Temp. Control: Display I Micom, Express Freeze, Works without Stabilizer (100-310V), Smart Diagnosis, Smart Connect, Chiller Zone, Convertible.


3.2 Samsung Double Door Refrigerator [RT28A3453S8/HL]

The Samsung Inverter Double Door Refrigerator is frost-free, which thaws the ice build-up with no human help. It is energy efficient and is more durable. The MRP of it is 28,990 INR.

samsung double door refrigerator
samsung double door refrigerator
  • Has a 3-star energy rating
  • Shelf Type–Spill Proof Toughened Glass
  • Digital Inverter Compressor–Energy efficient, less noise & more durable
  • Special Features: Stabilizer free operation, Digital display, Easy slide shelf, Moveable ice maker
  • Annual energy consumption–193 kWh
  • Refrigerator fresh food and freezer capacities are 181 L and 53 L, respectively.


LG vs Samsung Double Door Refrigerators Model Comparison

lg vs samsung double door refrigerators model comparison
LG vs Samsung Double Door Refrigerators Model Comparison

4. French Door Refrigerators

Here we will compare the french door refrigerator models of LG and Samsung.

4.1 LG French Door [GC-M22FAGPL]

The door configuration of this LG French door refrigerator is side by side and has a storage capacity of 595 L. The market price of this French door refrigerator is 1,67,990 INR.

lg french door refrigerator
lg french door refrigerator
  • Has inverter linear compressor
  • Technology Used: DoorCooling+™, Multi Air Flow, LG ThinQ, Smart Diagnosis™, MOIST ‘N’ FRESH
  • A Special Feature – LED Display, Temperature Control, Control Express Freeze, Child Lock,
  • Shelf Type–Tempered Glass

4.2 Samsung French Door Refrigerator [RF57A5032S9/TL] 

The Samsung inverter Frost-Free French Door Refrigerator is Convertible and has a capacity of 580 L. The MRP of this product is 87,990 INR.

samsung french door refrigerator
samsung french door refrigerator
  • Digital Inverter Compressor–Energy efficient, less noise & more durable
  • Twin Cooling Plus
  • Annual Energy Consumption–250 kWh 
  • French Door with Convertible Freezer
  • Refrigerator fresh food capacity is 381 L, and freezer capacity is 199 L.


LG vs Samsung Double Door Refrigerators Model Comparison

lg vs samsung double door refrigerators model comparison
LG vs Samsung Double Door Refrigerators Model Comparison

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answered most asked FAQs about LG and Samsung refrigerators.

1. Which refrigerator is best: LG or Samsung?

Both the brands LG and Samsung ace in their USP. Both brands provide almost similar styles and functionality in refrigerators. When it comes to innovation, LG leads while Samsung leads in design. Besides this, both brands use different technology; LG uses a linear compressor, whereas Samsung uses a digital inverter.

2. Is LG refrigerator better than Samsung?

Both LG and Samsung have unique products based on features and design. The functionality, style, and door configuration are almost the same. 

The main difference between both is the technology used. LG works on linear compressors, whereas Samsung uses digital inverters. The linear compressor works smarter with improved durability. Their refrigerators produce spherical craft ice which lasts longer than Samsung. 

3. What are the advantages of LG over Samsung?

LG is known as “Kingmaker of the Kitchen”. It offers the top quality product as per user convenience. LG refrigerators work on Linear compressors. Due to this technology, food is fresh for a longer time. Their refrigerators produce spherical craft ice which lasts longer than Samsung.

LG refrigerator offers additional features such as smart diagnosis, LoDecibel operations, and insta-view door design which makes you see inside the fridge. Besides it, it has an auto door open feature and remote fridge management using Smart ThinQ technology.

4. What are the advantages of Samsung over LG?

Samsung offers a perfect handle-less design in their refrigerator, which makes it more spacious than LG. Samsung uses a digital inverter and twin cooling system that controls both freezers and fridges independently with different evaporators.

Samsung refrigerator uses FlexZone technology that converts freezer to fridge and vice versa. It has additional features such as a touchscreen door, voice control, and notifications.

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator–Verdict

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator has got the readers an overview of Samsung and LG refrigerators. These brands did not have such high importance in the market before ten years, but today they stand as the best innovative home appliances brands in the market. The unique features of LG and Samsung can leave anyone struggling to decide between the two. They both are reliable and provide many extra features to enhance user convenience. This user guide is a requirement for customers to get an effective overview of the products. 

This detailed comparison may help customers get the note of distinguishing features. Both companies are ruling over the current market in terms of features, innovation, design, and quality. Get the best Samsung refrigerator for you from this comparison based on your requirement. Select the one of your choice and the one which satisfies all the requirements.

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