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Mishry Mums Review: Sri Sri Tattva Honey

Sri Sri Tattva is a brand well-known for producing organic products. One of their products is the Sri Sri Tattva Honey. Mishry Mum Smita Anand reviewed the honey and this is what she had to say.

Honey is filled with loads of antioxidant, minerals and nutrients. The benefits of honey are numerous. We can gain all the benefits from honey, but for the honey should be 100% pure. So for this we reviewed Sri Sri Tattva Honey with the help of our Mishry Mum.

Our Mishry Mum Smita Anand’s reviewed Sri Sri Tattva Honey. Here’s let find out what she found out and here conclusion about Sri Sri Tattva Honey.

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Sri Sri Tattva Honey Review

Here’s the brief information about the honey such as price, packaging, taste and flavor.

1. Price

The honey comes in a 500g bottle with M.R.P. of 475 INR.

2. Packaging

It looks thick and very rich. The packaging is also very nice. The nutritional facts are also very clearly mentioned at the back of the label.

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sri sri tattva honey
sri sri tattva honey – 100% pure honey

3. Tasting Session

When I had the first spoonful of this honey, I felt a slight warmth go through. The flavor resembles that of wild honey. It is very good. It also has a beautiful smell.

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mishry mum smita anand - sri sri tattva honey review
Mishry Mum Smita Anand’s review of the Sri Sri Tattva Honey.

The consistency is perfect. It is thick and has a great texture. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

About Mishry Mum Smita Anand

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A potter, an apparel designer, a passionate foodie and a mother of three, Smita is a busy woman who loves juggling her multiple roles on any given day. She has a keen eye for details and is very focused on her family’s good health and proper nutrition intake. She loves reading books on spiritualism and mindfulness and strongly believes that one can ideate themselves into any reality they choose to be.

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