Mother Dairy Haldi Milk Review – Boost your Immunity & Strength

Mother Dairy Haldi Milk Review

Mother Dairy Haldi Milk Review – Boost your Immunity & Strength

Mother Dairy Haldi Milk has a dominant butterscotch flavor, but what about haldi?

Turmeric or haldi is a natural immunity booster that has been used to make medicinal kaadhas, teas, and our trustworthy – Haldi doodh. Since the pandemic started, a wide range of immunity-boosting products has been launched in the market with the added goodness of turmeric and tulsi. Mother Dairy, a dairy giant in India has launched a butterscotch flavored Haldi milk which is being marketed as an immunity booster. We reviewed Mother Dairy’s Haldi Milk (turmeric latte) and here is what we thought about it.


Mother Dairy Haldi Milk – Everything You Need To Know

Here’s all the information you must know before grabbing a pack. We have mentioned the ingredients, package information, pricing and so on.

Sr No.



(* As per information on the pack)



Rs 25/- (* Price at the time of review)


Net Weight

180 ml



Milk, Milk Solids, Turmeric and Sugar



Synthetic food color and added flavors



100 ml provides 94 Kcal of energy


Best Use Before

120 days from the date of manufacturer


Mother Dairy Haldi Milk – Detailed Review

We reviewed Mother Dairy’s Haldi Milk (turmeric latte) and here is what we want to tell you about it.



A 180 ml bottle of Mother Dairy Haldi Milk is priced at Rs 25/-.


It comes in a glass bottle with a yellow colored label. Bonus points for not using a plastic bottle.


Nutrition label 

The label mentions the following ingredients – milk, milk solids, sugar, turmeric extract (0.3%). It contains permitted synthetic food colors (102) and has added flavors (butterscotch) as well.

In a product that markets itself as an ‘immunity booster’, the addition of colors could have been avoided. The haldi content is low and there is no mention of curcumin levels anywhere on the bottle.


Top View
Mother Dairy Haldi Milk: Product Review


Opening the bottle 

The label instructs to shake well before use. You will need an opener to open the bottle, it is not an easy-open bottle. We were looking for a haldi aroma in the beverage, which was missing.



The Mother Dairy Haldi Milk is bright yellow in color.


The aroma is fresh and sweet, there are lots of vanilla and butterscotch notes.


The consistency is nice and creamy; not thick like a milkshake, but not watered down either.




We had the Mother Dairy Haldi Milk chilled. The taste of the milk is very nice. It is like drinking your regular butterscotch flavored milk. The beverage is not over-sweet at all.

A lot of people don’t like Haldi flavor and aroma, and so we get why the makers would want to add butterscotch to mask the flavor and aroma of Haldi. Still, at least the haldi quantity/curcumin levels should have been substantial enough to qualify this as an immunity booster? Sadly, the only haldi connection we saw was the color, which is also synthetic.


The Mother Dairy Haldi Milk has a butterscotch flavor but the haldi content is just 0.3%.


Final Words

To conclude we would like to say that it is a delicious butterscotch-flavored milkshake. But given the nutrition label, and other factors like taste and aroma, we wonder if this really helps as an ‘immunity booster’. So why label it such?


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  • Arpit Reply

    So impressed by this article that how you tell about each and every aspect of product whether it is good or bad.
    Absolutely correct. If main ingredient”haldi” is not there so wants the point to say “Immunity booster”. Say only “flavored milk” or something like that.

    September 3, 2020 at 12:25 pm

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