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best plant based food products 2022

Plant Based Foods That You Must Try – Tried And Tested by Mishry

Team Mishry compiles the list of the Best Plant Based Food products we came across and reviewed in 2022.

For health or the environment, we’ve seen a drastic switch where hardcore non-vegetarians turned vegans. Giving consumers what they ask for, several brands launched their range of vegan snacks. High in protein, high in fiber, made with plant-based ingredients, we reviewed quite a few in this category. 

Here’s a list of the best vegan products Mishry found in 2022. Was it the taste, the texture, or the nutrition value that landed them on this list?

List Of The Plant Based Food Products Of 2022

A short table depicting the best plant based food products we tested in 2022:

Best Plant Based Foods In India

1. Imagine Meats Chicken Nuggets

imagine chicken nuggets appearance

Imagine Meats was launched by the power couple Ritiesh and Genelia Deshmukh. It aims to bring the meaty flavors and textures without negatively impacting our planet. Imagine Meats provides a range of products including seekh kebabs, biryani and nuggets. The brand ditches the use of any animal hormones and the source of protein used here is textured soy protein and protein blend.

We reviewed Imagine Meats Chicken Nuggets and loved them for their fresh, meaty taste. Just like meat-based nuggets, these are chunky and surprisingly juicy. 

If you’re someone who has just taken the vegan route, we would highly recommend these to satisfy cravings. 


  • A 500 gm pack is priced at Rs 595/-. 
  • This pack includes approximately 20 pieces. 
  • It has a shelf life of one year. 

Why do we recommend it? 

  • The outer covering is super crisp. 
  • It browns evenly. 
  • We loved the balanced seasoning. 
  • These taste fresh and meaty.
  • The nuggets are chunky and juicy.

2. So Good Plant Based Chocolate Soy Beverage

so good plant based chocolate soy beverage packaging

When it comes to plant-based beverages, soy milk and almond milk are the most sought-after. Talking about soy milk, it is vegan and naturally lactose-free. In addition, it is considered to be an ideal dairy alternative as the amount of protein it contains is similar to that of cow’s milk. So Good has a range of different plant based milks- soy and almond in both unsweetened and flavored versions.

Craving a chocolate milkshake? This one by  So Good is a must try. The lump-free consistency and balanced sweetness made it a complete hit.

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  • The ingredients – Water, soybeans (16%), sugar, cocoa (1%), mineral premix (0.2%), salt, stabiliser (INS 407), vitamin premix (0.01%), and acidity regulator (INS 500 (ii)). 
  • A 200 ml tetra pack is priced at Rs. 30. 
  • The tetra pack makes it perfect to carry while traveling. 

Why do we recommend it? 

  • We loved the balanced sweetness. 
  • The chocolate flavor is prominent. 
  • It has a fresh taste. 

3. Eat Better Co. Coffee And Almond Laddoos

macro shot of eat better co. coffee and almond laddoos

On the path to eating better? Meals seem sorted, but does snack time leave you agitated? Are snacks often the reason you fall off track? Here’s a truly nutrient-dense ‘dessert’ that coffee lovers would appreciate. 

Eat Better Co. was founded by Mridula Kanoria following the thought to get something healthy AND tasty in the market. The product line of the brand includes – healthy laddoos and nuts & seeds mixes. Eat Better Co. offers its healthy laddoos in six different flavors – Coffee & Almond, Hazelnut Chocolate,Orange & Cacao, Peanut & Chocolate, Vanilla & Cacao, and Orange & Ginger.

We reviewed the Coffee & Almond flavor and here’s what we liked the most about them. The clean ingredients, delectable fudgy bite and the fresh taste. A great snack to satisfy mid-meal cravings or for an instant post-workout boost. 


  • The main ingredients include – Dates, almonds, oats, coconut, coffee, cacao, chia, and seasalt. 
  • Per 30 gm (2 laddoos), it contains 132.89 kcal. 
  • Available in both pouch packs and reusable jars. 

Why is it recommended? 

  • The ingredient list is clean. 
  • It is devoid of preservatives. 
  • We loved the delicious fudgy bite. 

4. Nutrabay Wellness Plant Protein

nutrabay wellness plant protein variants

Nutrabay Wellness Plant Protein carries the right amount of nutrition and protein. Available in two delicious flavors – All Natural Gourmet Chocolate and Vegan Rich Chocolate, you can have an instant protein boost. A point of appreciation is that it is free from soy protein and other banned substances. Everything from the packaging to the ingredients labels makes it worth a purchase. 


  • These plant proteins are packed in a compact container. 
  • These have a shelf life of 18 months. 

Why do we recommend it? 

  • The mixability is excellent. 
  • Detailed nutrition and ingredient labels. 
  • Each serving offers 24 gm of protein. 

5. Monkey Bar Vegan Energy Bars

the five monkey bar vegan energy bars variants we reviewed

Made using a blend of 4 to 6 ingredients, these energy bars by Monkey Bar are dairy free and have no preservatives. These are sweetened using dates and include no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

What else? Each energy bar contains about 5 to 7 gm of protein and provides under 200 kcal of energy. Additionally, it comes in six delectable flavors. For our review, we ordered a variety pack comprising five flavors.

Why Team Mishry loves them, you ask ? The clean ingredient list, no nasty taste and the use of natural sugar – dates. Green flags only! 


  • All variants have a shelf life of 4 months. 
  • Dates and rolled oats are common ingredients used in all the variants. 
  • Each bar is priced at Rs. 55. 

Why do we recommend it? 

  • It has no artificial taste. 
  • Detailed ingredient list. 
  • No added sugar and no preservatives. 
  • Excellent snack. 

6. So Good Elaichi Soy Milk

so good elaichi soy milk packing

When we think about vegan or plant-based beverages, the options get limited. However, So Good offers some delightful variations of soy milk from unsweetened to flavored ones. We loved its chocolate flavored Plant Based soy milk which led us to review its Elaichi flavored soy milk. 

Flavored to perfection, it has an extremely delightful taste.  


  • A 200 ml tetra pack costs Rs. 30. 
  • It comes with a straw attached to the side. 
  • A 200 ml of this beverage contains 126 Kcal of energy. 
  • The main ingredients are – Water, soybean (16%), sugar, mineral premix (0.2%), salt, stabilizer (INS 407), vitamin premix (0.01%), and acidity regulator (INS 500 (ii)).

Why do we recommend it? 

  • Enticing aroma of cardamom. 
  • Travel-friendly packaging. 
  • Smooth and lump-free consistency. 
  • Full marks for the fresh taste. 

7. ITC Master Chef Incredible Plant Based Nuggets

itc plant based nuggets packaging

ITC is a well known brand known for its diverse category of products from biscuits to chips to frozen snacks. So when it launched its first ever Plant Based nuggets, we had to review it.

ITC Master Chef Incredible Plant Based Nuggets delivers excellent results in terms of the taste and texture. It comes close to a regular meat based nugget. It has a juicy filling while being super crisp on the outside. What else? The chicken flavor is prominent and comes out deliciously. 


  • A 250 gm pack holds 14 nuggets. 
  • It is priced at Rs. 475. 
  • This has a shelf of one year. 
  • You can make these using three methods – baking, air-frying and deep-frying. 

Why do we recommend it? 

  • The outer crispness is just right. 
  • It does not soak much oil even when deep-fried. 
  • The seasoning and chicken flavor is spot on. 
  • Has a similar texture to a regular meat-based nugget. 
  • Prominent meaty flavor is present here.

8. Shaka Harry Chicken Nuggets

shaka harry chicken nuggets on a plate

Shaka Harry has given meat a complete makeover. It has products that taste like meat but better. The product line of Shaka Harry includes – breakfast essentials, everyday meals and celebration snacks. 

If you are looking for a vegan version of chicken nuggets,we recommend trying these Shaka Harry’s Chicken Nuggets. What we liked most about these nuggets is the meaty and juicy bite. The crunchy outer casing and balanced seasoning are other pros. 


  • A 250 gm pack is priced at Rs. 295. 
  • The shelf life is 12 months. 
  • The top five main ingredients are – Water, Veg protein mix, Vegetable fibre (Oats), Soya protein, and Dehydrated onion.

Why do we recommend it? 

  • Full marks for the crunchiness. 
  • Thumbs up for the juicy bite. 
  • Well balanced seasoning. 
  • Quick to prepare. 
  • Excellent vegan party snack.

Final Words

We have it and we have it right here. The list of the best Plant Based Food products in India tried and tested at Mishry HQ. From plant based nuggets to plant based protein, the list only keeps on increasing. With this article we aim to share our honest and unbiased review on the different plant based products for 2022 we recommend trying.

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