Prasuma Momos Review - Frozen Momos With Juicy Fillings & Thin Wrappings

Prasuma Momos Review – Frozen Momos With Juicy Fillings & Thin Wrappings

Prasuma momos

Prasuma Momos Review – Frozen Momos With Juicy Fillings & Thin Wrappings

These frozen momos have our hearts! Read our full Prasuma Momos Review for more details on how to cook these frozen momos. Are these ready to eat momos tasty? Read about the cooking method and all the flavors of Prasuma Momos.

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We loved the Prasuma Momos for their juicy stuffing and thin wrappers. The fact that the casing was not thick and doughy in any of them is appreciable. The chicken and pork meat in the momos is succulent, and the veggie variation is a delicious mix of cabbage, carrots, and cottage cheese. We also liked the addition of the momo-sauce.

Prasuma is a brand that gained extreme popularity during the 2020 lockdown phase in India, when everyone was craving their favorite street food – Momos! These frozen momos come in four flavors – Pork, Original Chicken, Spicy Chicken, and Vegetarian. We tried the Original Chicken and Pork Momos earlier and loved both of them equally. Recently we reviewed the Spicy Chicken and Vegetarian Momos in our test kitchen and cooked them using 3 methods to check which cooking method proves to be the best one. Our Prasuma Momos Review will also help you decide which pack of ready-to-eat momos matches your taste buds the most.

Prasuma Momos – Ready To Eat Momos

  • Prasuma Spicy Chicken Momos
  • Prasuma Vegetable Momos
  • Prasuma Original Chicken Momos
  • Prasuma Pork Momos

*As per information on the pack

  • It contains no preservatives.
  • These momos contain Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). 
  • A 24 piece pack contains 4 sachets of the momo-chutney.
  • The momos are completely cooked, they just need to be heated.
  • Prasuma Momos can be heated in the microwave, steamed, pan-fried or deep-fried.

Quick Review

Prasuma Momos

All variants of the Prasuma Momos have a thin wrapping and juicy, meaty fillings. The vegetarian momos too have a wholesome veggie-paneer stuffing. Prasuma momos price varies according to the variants.

Prasuma Momos price range begins at Rs 150/-* and goes upto Rs 225/-* for a 10 piece pack.

*Price at the time of review

Prasuma Momos Review

The Prasuma Momos come in two size packs – A 10 piece pack and a 24 piece pack. All the variants are priced differently based on the filling of the momos.

How to Cook Pramuma Momos? Prasuma momos can be cooked using four methods – Pan-frying, deep-frying, steaming, and in a microwave.

Upon opening the pack, we could see medium-sized pieces of momos which were unbroken. The size and the shape of the momos were consistent throughout the pack. Sometimes the maida casings can stick to each other and tear open if pulled apart. Unlike a lot of frozen food, these did not stick to each other, and all the pieces separated easily.

How we made the Prasuma Momos – To test the Prasuma Spicy Chicken Momos and Vegetable Momos, we made them using three methods. For all the methods, we followed the exact instructions given on the back of the pack.

  • We steamed these momos in the Bajaj rice cooker (our winner for the best Rice Cooker) for about 5-6 minutes. This method took the longest.
  • We microwaved them because it is the quickest, and also out of curiosity because we have never heard of microwaving momos before.
  • We also pan-fried them in a frying pan with a little vegetable oil and a splash of water.

Quick Review Of Prasuma Spicy Chicken Momos

prasuma momos review
Steaming the Prasuma momos in a rice cooker.

Price And Packaging – The Prasuma Spicy Chicken Momos come in a black and orange pack. The 10 piece pack is priced at Rs 175/- and the 24 piece pack is priced at Rs 295/-. We bought the 24 piece pack which is resealable. 

Ingredients – Chicken meat, Refined wheat flour, Onion, Oil, Spices and condiments, Flavor enhancer, Emulsifier, Acidity regulator. 

Our Experience – Let’s begin by saying how wonderfully juicy and succulent the chicken filling is. People who are shying away from buying these because of the ‘spicy’ tag need not worry as these aren’t too big on the spice levels. By themselves, they are pretty well balanced on the seasoning front. The thin wrapper of the momos is a big plus point as well. 

Quick Review Of Prasuma Vegetable Momos

Prasuma momos
Inside the Prasuma Vegetable Momos

Price And Packaging – The Prasuma Vegetable Momos come in a black and green pack. The 10 piece pack is priced at Rs 150/- and the 24 piece pack is priced at Rs 270/-. The 24 piece pack is resealable and easy to store in the freezer.

Ingredients – Cabbage, Refined wheat flour, Onion, Paneer, Butter, Carrots, Spices and condiments, Flavor enhancer, Emulsifier, Acidity regulators. 

Our Experience – People who say that “Vegetarian momos aren’t even momos.”, might want to take back their words. Unlike a lot of cabbage dominated momos we consume at local joints, these have a mix of carrots and paneer in them. For vegetarians or people who do not want to eat meat-filled momos, these are refreshingly tasty. All the veggies and paneer taste nice together, and the mildly seasoned momos can be dunked into a bowl of spicy sauce. The casing, as usual, is thin and consistent.

Recap Review – Prasuma Original Chicken Momos

Prasuma Original Chicken Momos

When we reviewed the Prasuma Original Chicken Momos, we cooked them using two methods – steaming and deep frying. The steamed chicken momos became deliciously plump, and the deep-fried ones attained a crispy golden brown exterior. The chicken stuffing is juicy, and the casing or wrapper is thin, like the other variants. We enjoyed the juicy chicken that is seasoned to perfection. The Prasuma Original Chicken Momos come in a black and yellow pack. The 10 piece pack is priced at Rs 175/- and the 24 piece pack is priced at Rs 295/-. 

Recap Review – Prasuma Pork Momos

Prasuma Original Pork Momos Review
Prasuma Original Pork Momos

The Prasuma Pork momos are delicious! The tender and juicy meat encased in a thin wrapper won us over. We steamed them in a regular steamer in batches of 6-7. Once the water was at boiling point and emitting steam at a high rate, every batch didn’t take more than 5-7 minutes to cook entirely till the center. The pork meat cooked exceptionally well and has a mild smokey flavor which is superlative. The Prasuma Pork Momos come in a black and red pack. The 10 piece pack is priced at Rs 225/- and the 24 piece pack is priced at Rs 395/-. The pork momos are the most expensive out of all the varieties.

The Momo Chutney

Prasuma momos
Prasuma momos come with a few sachets of this momo sauce.

The consistency and taste of the sauce was more on the lines of a tomato ketchup than the spicy-chilli chutney we generally expect. The taste was a little sweet and tomatoey. While this is tasty, we missed the red chili, garlicky-oily momo sauce. 

Which Cooking Method Is The Best For Prasuma Momos?

prasuma momos review
Pan-frying Prasuma Momos turned out to be a favorite!
Prasuma momos
Prasuma Momos - Ready to be microwaved

Steaming the momos – This method gave us a soft, juicy, and delicate outcome. This method takes the longest. 

Microwaving the momos – Quick, but doesn’t really accentuate the plus points of the momos. The outer casing dries and hardens a bit, even when we add water before heating them.

Deep frying the momos – CRISPY on the outside and juicy on the inside. We really liked the deep-fried momos, but these can get a bit too oily.

Pan frying the momos – This method was apt to enjoy the best of both worlds. The crisp bottom and the soft upper skin of the momos were drool-worthy. Neither the filling nor casing dried up.

Now coming to which cooking method did we find the best? Pan frying, hands down. Even though most of us were partial towards the steaming method before, the pan-fried momos were a game-changer. We do not recommend the microwaving method as much as the outer casing can get a bit dry and hard. The filling does not dry up, but the overall experience of eating a juicy momo definitely lowers a bit with this method.


prasuma momos review
A happy table - Prasuma Momos Review

If you serve these momos to your family or friends, no one can guess that these come out of a bag. Throughout all the momos we tried, we did not feel that these were frozen momos. The non-vegetarian momos were all juicy and seasoned extremely well. The vegetarian momos, unlike the ones we buy from a few vendors, were not just about the cabbage. 

Another feature that we loved about these momos is how thin the casing is. Even when momos are had at a reputed restaurant, the wrapping can sometimes get thick and doughy at places. That wasn’t the case here. The wrapping thickness remained consistent throughout all the momos. You can choose the type of filling depending on your taste and dietary preferences. If you’re a momo lover, we highly recommend the Prasuma Momos. 

Do you agree with our Prasuma Momos Review? Have you tried any of these ready-to-eat momos yet? If yes, which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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