Best Brands of Insulated Water Bottles

We decided to go with five well-known brands that are available both online and offline. We tested them for over three days. They were checked for leakage, design, weight, and, most importantly – temperature retention.

Be it steel or plastic, water bottles are not bought every day. Whatever be the purpose – keeping them in the fridge, or carrying them to work or the gym – bottles are meant to be long-use products. When we were reviewing the Best Insulated Water Bottles that would maintain the temperature of the water for the maximum amount of time, we decided to go with well-known, and commonly available brands. We tested them for over 3 days. They were checked for leakage, design, weight and most importantly – temperature retention.

Editor’s Pick: Milton Duo DLX 750 Water Bottle

Coldwater remains nearly as cold in the Milton Duo DLX 750, even after 24 hours. We kept cold water (8°C) in the bottle for over a day, and among all the water bottles tested, the increase in temperature in the Milton Duo DLX 750 was found to be minimum.

It is light, has a simple and easy to hold design and does not leak. All this makes Milton Duo DLX 750 our top choice for Best Insulated Water Bottle To Buy.

Also Recommended: Borosil Bolt Trans Red-750

Borosil Bolt water bottle is available in different colors including purple and blue. It has an insulated double-wall vacuum with a copper coating in order to keep the water cold/hot for maximum time.

Borosil Bolt has a condensation-free exterior. The plastic parts in the bottle are food-grade, BPA and phthalate-free.

Contender: Vinod NeoSteel Classic Bottle

Vinod Neosteel bottle has high quality 18/8 stainless steel, it is leak-proof and very light in weight, which makes it easier to carry wherever you go.

Vinod NeoSteel’s classic water is lightweight and keeps the temperature maintained for long hours, making it one of our contenders.

Contender: Cello Swift Steel Flask

Cello water bottle is made with thermo seal technology and good quality stainless steel. It keeps the water cold for over 20+ hours.

It was successful in keeping the water cold for more than 20+ hours, making it one of the top contenders.

Why Insulated Bottles Are The Best?

Insulated water bottles are engineered in such a manner that their insides are completely detached from the surroundings.

An insulated water bottle consists of two chambers, one of which is used for the storage of water, and the other one surrounding that is a vacuum, which separates the internal part from the outside. Thus keeping your water chilled or hot throughout the day.

On the other hand, due to its design, an insulated water bottle tends to weigh more as compared to other water bottles. A good insulated water bottle can be your friend during extreme hot conditions or even cold winter days. But these are expensive as compared to other types of bottles so price might be the deciding factor for some. Having said that, when you consider factors such as the importance of keeping oneself hydrated, or the effect of single-use plastic bottles on the planet, a one-time investment in an insulated bottle is worth considering.

Buying a water bottle for yourself or your kids is a process worth spending some time in. You must be assured of the health and hygiene factors of the choice you will end up making. - Reviews That Matter

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