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It's summertime and keeping your water cool on the go can be a challenge. After detailed research, and testing 5 popular brands - here’s our pick on the Best Insulated Water Bottle to Buy.

We picked 5 major brands and tested them for over 3 days. They were checked for leakage, design, weight and most importantly – temperature retention.Milton’s Duo DLX 750 emerged as the Best Insulated Water Bottle that kept the water coolest over a testing period of 24 hours.

Best Insulated Water Bottles To Buy: Milton Duo DLX 750

 Best Insulated Water Bottles To Buy – Mishry Reviews

Milton Duo DLX 750 Water Bottle

Cold water remains nearly as cold in the Milton Duo DLX 750, even after 24 hours. We kept cold water (8°C) in the bottle for over a day, and among all the water bottles tested, the increase in temperature in the Milton Duo DLX 750 was found to be minimum.

Size: 750 ml, Price: Rs. 920*

*At the time of review

It is light, has a simple and easy to hold design and does not leak. All this makes Milton Duo DLX 750 our top choice for Best Insulated Water Bottle To Buy this summer.

The Brands We Picked

Borosil Bolt Trans Red-750 (Buy on Amazon)

Cello Swift Vacusteel Bottles (Buy on Amazon)

Vinod NeoSteel Classic Bottle (Buy on Amazon)

Freelance Stratos Vacuum Bottle (Buy on Amazon)

Milton Duo DLX 750 Bottle (Buy on Amazon)

How We Picked Brands & Styles

Be it steel or plastic, water bottles are not bought every day. Whatever be the purpose – keeping them in the fridge, or carrying them to work or the gym – bottles are meant to be long-use products. In this review, we were looking for the best insulated water bottles that would keep water coolest for the maximum amount of time. We decided to go with 5 well-known brands that are available both online and offline. Once the brands were shortlisted, we had to zero in on the size and price category. We decided to test bottles that are handy and easy to carry, and so we went ahead with styles that would be in the 700-900/- rupee category (MRP) and hold more than 500 ml and less or equal to 1 liter of liquid.

Another crucial factor here was the choice of style. Insulated bottles come in many shapes, and designs, with different kinds of caps, some are ‘sippers’ and others fall in the sporty category or those that can be used ‘hands-free’. Research tells us that bottles with simple screw caps keep the water the coolest for a maximum amount of time. Hence, we kept sippers and sporty designs out of the review.

Finally, styles from brands that met the price and/or size specification were taken through our review process.

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Who This Review Is For?

This review is for anyone who wants to always have a bottle of cool drinking water with them. Students, young men and women with a long commute to work every day or those with a job that keeps them on their toes all the time would find this review helpful.

We deliberately picked a size that is easy to carry and easy to drink from. These bottles are also great to carry for your travels.

 Best Insulated Water Bottles To Buy – Mishry Reviews

How We Tested

We reviewed the bottles over a period of 3 days and took into account 3 crucial factors:

Parameters we considered:

  1. Design and Style
  2. Ability to maintain temperatures
  3. Leakage

For Design & Style: We looked at easy to hold designs. It is important that these bottles should be easy to pour and drink from. These are all rust-free and made from 100% stainless steel. All of them claim to have a copper coating for better insulation.

Ability to maintain temperatures: For checking each bottle’s ability to keep water cold, we stored cold water in each of them for a period of 24 hours. The temperature of the water was checked each time before pouring the water in. Each bottle was filled to the brim, and lid tightly put immediately. All bottles were kept indoors in a room – w/o air conditioning – for a period of 24 hours. Once the bottles were opened, the temperature of the water was checked again. This way we were able to determine the change in temperature of the water stored, ie how much the variance was.

Leakage: All bottles were checked for signs of leaking. Barring Cello – which could have been a manufacturing defect – none of the bottles showed any signs of leaking whatsoever.

It is important to note here that – all the 5 brands we reviewed offer a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects. So in case you end up buying a faulty product – you can change the product on showing the original receipt. The warranty does not cover damages caused due to mishandling/breakage at the user’s end.

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Best Insulated Water Bottles To Buy: Milton Duo DLX 750

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