ITC B Natural Guava Juice Made With 100% Indian Fruits: #FirstImpression

The juice is bright pink in color and tastes good when consumed chilled. We love that it is made from a 100% Indian guavas.

Yes, guava is not a summer fruit. Yes, this is not the season for winter’s favorite fruit. But why should that stop a guava lover from indulging in the fruity flavors of this vitamin C rich fruit, any time of the year? And that’s precisely why we decided to check out this new flavor from B Natural, an ITC brand that has a variety of flavors.

6 Quick Things You Should Know About This New Product:

  1. B Natural Guava juice is available in 1 Litre tetra pack with a cap that makes the pack reusable.
  2. The pack needs to be refrigerated after opening and must be consumed within 5 days.
  3. It contains no artificial flavors or colors. It does contain added sugar and permitted natural colors and flavors.
  4. The juice is made using only Indian guavas, both pink and white guavas are used in equal proportion to make the juice.
  5. The juice is not made from a ‘concentrate’. The process of making a concentrate from fruit pulp may take away some nutritional benefits present in the fruit. The process of making B Natural Guava juice does not involve this step.
  6. A glass of this juice – around 200 ml, contains 120 calories approximately.

First Impressions of B Natural Guava Juice Made With 100% Indian Fruits

The juice is bright pink in color and tastes good when consumed chilled. If you don’t like your juices to be very sweet, then you may find this a little on the sugary side. This is not a fibrous juice and has a medium to a thick consistency.

We love that it is made from 100% Indian guavas. We also like the QR codes on each pack that allow you to meet the farmers who have grown these guavas. It helps you feel like you are having a natural product, grown by a real farmer, and not something that has been created in a lab.

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