Triphala Churna: 12 Popular Health Benefits | Precautions Before Consuming

As an integral part of the Ayurvedic medicinal traditions, Triphala, a mixture made out of three ayurvedic fruits, tends to be highly beneficial and can work wonders on one's health if consumed in an adequate fashion.

Considered as the backbone of Ayurveda, triphala churna is made out of three main ingredients (hence named triphala) which are dried, powdered, and then mixed together. These ingredients are amla, haritaki, and vibhitaki, all of which combine their beneficial qualities, thus making triphala churna a highly recommended natural remedy that can be helpful in preventing various diseases. In the modern world, people are becoming aware of this herbal remedy’s wonderful work on one’s health, and as for the modern technology, it has made it easier for users to study how triphala churna actually works.

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Health Benefits Of Triphala Churna

1. Strengthens Immunity

The three ingredients used to make triphala churna i.e. amla (Indian Gooseberry), haritaki (Chebulic Myrobalan), and vibhitaki (Belleric Myrobalan), are the very source its beneficial quality that results in the boosting of one’s immune system. Amla, being rich in antioxidants, is known to reduce the concentration of free radicals in the blood, which further helps in protecting the healthy immune cells against the oxidative damages caused by free radicals. Haritaki on the other hand is responsible for increasing the production of white blood cells, which helps the blood fight off any foreign toxins present in the body. Vibhitaki, very much like other ingredients, helps in the elimination of bacteria and viruses from the system, as it is quite rich in gallic acid.

2. Prevents Urinary Tract Infections

The bacteria have a tendency to become immune to other antibiotics, thus at some point, they just don’t respond to any medicine and accomplish their task of making the person sick. Urinary tract infection is caused when such bacteria attack and cause inflammation in the bladder, and in the case of bacteria being immune to antibiotics, you can use the help of triphala churna, its acidic nature and three main ingredients (discussed in the previous point) help in tackling the growth of bacteria in the bladder and kills them off immediately.

3. Causes Pain-Relief

Thanks to the presence of haritaki in triphala, its consumption helps in reducing the inflammation response of the body. This helps majorly in conditions that result in joint or muscle inflammation, as it is quite helpful in getting rid of the uric acid present in the body (which is a chief factor behind the muscle and joint inflammation). Mixing a little bit of triphala churna along with water can help you soothe the pain if you are suffering from arthritis, gout, or joint pains of any kind.

4. Regulates Blood Pressure

As mentioned, the consumption of triphala is responsible for lowering the inflammation response of one’s body. This means those blood vessels that, in the presence of salt, usually contract and increase the pressure of the blood flow tend to stay in their exact initial state, for triphala churna exerts a dilating effect on them by keeping them from getting inflamed. Thus, it helps in keeping the blood pressure under control.

5. Healthy Digestion

Triphala churna has been used as a digestive tonic for many centuries. It is known to stimulate the secretion of gastric juices, which helps in more effective and efficient digestion of the food. Moreover, its laxative properties help in the proper movement of the bowel, thus aiding in getting rid of the undigested waste. And by keeping the stomach clean and the rectal muscles strong, the consumption of triphala churna can be quite beneficial in promoting one’s digestive health.

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6. Boosts Cardiovascular Health

As we know now that an adequate intake of triphala churna is linked with a smooth circulation of blood, but that is not the only thing that it helps in preventing. The beneficial nature of triphala churna extends up to the prevention of hypertension, rising cholesterol levels, and moreover, it helps in preventing the accumulation of fats and other substances over the artery walls (also known as atherosclerosis). All of this helps in a proper flow of blood to the heart and through the heart to different parts of the body, thus resulting in good cardiovascular health.

7. Treats Gastric Ulcers

Gastric ulcers are caused when the acidic environment of the stomach damages the internal lining of the mucous membrane and causes irritation. Consumption of triphala churna, consisting of its three ayurvedic ingredients, helps in the restoration of the stomach enzymes further aiding in the strengthening of the mucous membrane.

8. Vital For Eye Health

Triphala Churna’s consumption is also linked with the improvement in the eyesight. Helping in maintaining a sharp vision, an adequate intake of triphala can prevent the occurrences of conjunctivitis, glaucoma, and cataract. The best way of using triphala over your eyes is in the form of an eye wash. All you have to do is soak a few teaspoons of churna overnight and wash your eyes with it in the morning. Furthermore, there is a study that claims that triphala churna is quite effective against various other vision disorders such as computer eye syndrome (1).

9. Manages Blood Sugar Level

Every major ingredient present in triphala is known to tackle hyperglycaemia, which is a condition in which an excessive amount of blood glucose level circulates in the blood plasma. Thus, the presence of these ingredients makes triphala churna quite an effective natural remedy that helps in the lowering of the blood sugar level and may even prevent diabetes.

10. Good For Hair

Comprising of emollient properties, triphala helps in keeping the scalp protected, moisturized, and lubricated, thus keeping it nourished and preventing it from getting dry. So, if you are looking for a natural substitute for your artificial hair-cream, look no further, for triphala is just the right product that’ll help you in your quest for healthy hair.

11. Skin Rejuvenation

As mentioned in the previous point, triphala has emollient properties, which does not only benefit the scalp but also the skin, as it helps the skin cells retain their moisture thus, keeping them nourished. Consumption of triphala has been linked with maintaining the skin structures and delaying the onset of age-related skin problems such as wrinkles.

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12. Oral Hygiene

The antimicrobial properties of triphala churna make it a great choice to tackle oral problems such as gingivitis, mouth ulcers, and plaque formation. According to a study, the usage of triphala churna turned out to be better than toothpaste in dealing with gum issues.

Consumption of Triphala Churna Precautions

Now that the benefits of triphala churna are known to the reader, we must also keep in mind that there are certain precautions that must be taken while consuming this ayurvedic remedy, which would, in turn, make it more effective and efficient.

As we know by now that consumption of triphala churna is linked with the lowering of the blood’s glucose level, it is also important to note that you must not be on diabetic medication while consuming it, for it can easily react with the medication and lower your blood sugar level below its desired point, thus making you less active and functional.

Triphala churna is known to be laxative in nature, so it is advised for you to refrain from consuming a higher dosage of this herbal remedy, for it might result in diarrhea and may also cause dehydration.

On that final note, we would end by saying that though there is no particular time and place that could prove more beneficial for the consumption of triphala, you must always consume it on an empty stomach, and the best time for that is a couple of hours before bedtime.

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