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bauli moonfils vanilla review

Bauli Moonfils Puff Rolls Review – Delish or Disappointing?

Sweet, soft, and cloud-like fluffy? How did Bauli Moonfils score on Mishry’s rate-o-meter?

Mishry Rating

2 / 5
2 / 5


Bauli Moonfils Vanilla has a mild orange flavored bread with a vanilla cream centre. However, the shockingly low cream-to-bread ratio brought down the experience. The texture of the cream was disappointing.

One fine day, our evening cup of caffeine asked to be paired with an indulgent snack. Something sweet and soft is what it desired, so here’s what we did.

Five years ago, Bauli entered the Indian market with its range of cream-filled bread puffs. We tried the vanilla variant for our Bauli Moonfils Puff Rolls review and here’s what we thought.

Is this puff roll a pantry staple for us?

We received a pack of Bauli Moonfils in our Mojo Box. This product was bought and paid for by us.

The following table shows key details of Bauli Moonfils Puff Roll (vanilla)

Bauli Moonfils Puff Rolls Product Details
Price Rs 20/- (50 grams)
Shelf Life Five months
Calories (per 50 grams) 196 Kcal
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Mishry Rating (on 5) 2

Our Review Factors

The bread-to-filling ratio, textures of the bread and cream, and flavors of the two components were the core parameters of our Bauli Moonfils Puff rolls review.

1. Taste

Is the bread sweetened or unflavored? How intense is the flavor of vanilla in the cream? Is the sweetness balanced? What about freshness?

2. Texture

Flaky? Too soft? Crumbly? What is the texture of the bread like?

Is the cream dense or light? Fudgy or flowy? Do the two elements go well together?

3. Bread to Filling Ratio

Empty pockets or cream-filled bites?

4. Other Parameters


A single piece or broken? Does this puff roll come in a tray?

Shelf Life

How long does this stay good for?

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Bauli Moonfils Puff Rolls – Detailed Review

Price & Packaging- This croissant-shaped snack was packed without any tray, in a wrapper. A 50-gram puff roll is priced at Rs 20/- and has a shelf life of five months.

Main Ingredients- Puff Roll (70%)- Refined wheat flour, Partially hydrogenated oil, Refined palm oil, Sugar, Bakery Mix [Emulsifier (INS 471), Wheat gluten, Flour treatment agents (INS 1101(i), 1100 (i), Antioxidant (INS300)], Yeast, Emulsifier (INS 471, 477, 472b, 470 (i)), Edible common salt, Milk solids, Humectant, Preservative (INS282), Wheat sourdough powder, Flavor (Nature identical and artificial flavoring substances – Orange, Butter) 

Vanilla Creme Filling (30%)- Center filling – Glucose fructose syrup, Sugar, Refined palm oil, Milk solids (4.4%), Thickener (INS 1422, 440), Preservative (INS202), Acidity regulator (INS330), Edible common salt, Color (INS171), Flavor (Nature identical and artificial flavoring substance – vanilla)

bauli moonfils vanilla packing
An inviting graphic and a regular style of packaging.

Appearance – It had a caramel-brown hue. We halved the roll to gauge the color and texture. Upon slicing we could see the layers. It had an off-white, bread-like color. The cream filling has a stark white appearance. 

Texture – The texture of the bread was quite nice. Soft and fluffy, the bread felt fresh. The cream, on the other hand, was not smooth or flowy. It was a clotted blob.

Taste- This snack primarily tasted like a piece of bread with balanced sweetness and a mild orange flavor. The ratio of cream to bread was so low that we could barely taste the cream. When tasted separately, the cream had a nice vanilla flavor with decent sweetness.

bauli moonfils vanilla cross sectional view
The bread was soft and fluffy, but the imbalance of cream was a disappointment.
Taste- 2/5
Texture- 2/5
  • The texture of the bread is decent.
  • The bread tasted fresh.
  • We liked the balanced sweetness and flavor of the cream.
  • There was barely any cream.
  • Texture of cream was not upto the mark. The representative image is false.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Bauli Moonfils Puff Rolls.

No, this snack is prepared with hydrogenated and refined palm oils. Therefore, we recommend occasional consumption.

Yes, definitely. The bread has a soft, fluffy texture which would go well with a beverage.

Yes, it contains INS 282. This is commonly used in bread and baked items.

One pack holds one 50-gram puff roll.

Yes, it is sweetened with glucose fructose syrup, in addition to sugar. 

Final Words

While it looked like an indulgent snack, after reviewing Bauli Moonfils Puff Roll, we were quite disappointed.

The imbalance of cream and bread was collectively disliked. 

Biscuits, cookies, or namkeen– what do you pair your evening beverage with?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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