Mojo Box Review - Try Before You Buy
mojo box review

Mojo Box Review – Try Before You Buy

What a truly innovative concept! Team Mishry ordered the Breakfast Mojo Box and safe to say, we were delighted.

Mishry Rating

Overall Experience
4 / 5


Mishry recommends Mojo Box not just for the innovative concept, but also for how quick, convenient, and economical it is. Within a small amount, we got to try a lot of new products that helped us choose which ones deserve a spot on our grocery lists.

What is Mojo box? Like Mishry Reviews, Mojo Box is another foolproof way to skip regretful purchases. 

From snack boxes to deluxe breakfast boxes, Mojo Box is a platform where you can try single servings or sample-sized products before investing in the larger sizes. For our Mojo Box review, we ordered the Deluxe Breakfast box. 

Would we try other boxes?

These are sample-sized products which are not sold loose and you won’t see them generally in the market. On occasion, information like price, list of ingredients and nutrition label might not be printed on the pack.

Here’s all you need to know about Mojo Box.

Mojo Box Product Details
Name of the box  Breakfast box
Price Rs 219/-
No. of items 8 (+2 free samples)
Mishry Rating (on 5) 4

Our Review Factors

The box options, variety of products, their quality, ease of using the website, service charges, and delivery time were the prime factors of our Mojo Box review.

1. Product Features


Sweet, savory, snacks, and wholesome meals- what does Mojo Box exactly offer?


Has the quality been retained? We gauged the overall quality in terms of packaging and shelf life, in addition to the standard tasting parameters.

2. Value For Money

Are these mini-sized samples pocket-friendly? Would we rather get the regular size?

3. Ordering Experience

Is the brand’s website easy to browse? Is there a minimum order value?

How long do the products take to get delivered? Can you customize a box with products of your choice? 

4. Other Parameters


How attractive are the discounted rates? Do they allure consumers to make the purchase?

Shelf Life

Manufactured during the same month? Previous year? How fresh are these packed products?

Mojo Box – Detailed Review

We ordered the Breakfast Box comprising 10 products plus two free samples. The curation of these samples is keeping the theme of breakfast in mind and includes products like coffee, croissant, an oats bar, a pancake mix and more.

The original price was Rs 418 but the discounted rate was Rs 219/-. All boxes come in regular or xl size. You can choose as per your need and budget. 

We received our box three days after placing the order. All the items were neatly placed in a compact black box. 

mojo box
A peek at our box.

The items we ordered included-

  • Cadbury BournVita -This is a chocolate-flavored powder that is to be mixed in warm/chilled milk.
  • ID Filter Coffee– Filter coffee in an instant? All you need to do is add milk and sugar as preferred and your authentic filter coffee is ready without the grinding and brewing. 
  • So Good Soy Beverage Elaichi– Made with the only complete vegan protein source, this beverage is devoid of preservatives and fortified with minerals. The brand recommends preparing a vegan kheer with this. 
  • Bauli Vanilla MoonfillsThis is a croissant-shaped bread snack that has a minuscule quantity of vanilla-flavored cream in the centre. Read the detailed review here. 
  • Pintola Dark Chocolate Crunchy PBThis crunchy peanut butter comes in a compact jar. With a high protein and fiber content, this is made using rich dark chocolate.
  • Pintola Peanut Chikki– The ingredient list gets a full 5 on 5. Though the bite was crisp, the peanuts were slightly stale to taste. (detailed review here)
  • Gran’s Goodness Chocolate Cake Premix– Cakes or pancakes, all you need from your pantry is milk and butter. This is a gluten-free mix that would yield a six-inch cake or seven-eight pancakes.

From the above list, Cadbury BournVita and ID filter coffee were the free samples.

mojo box packaging
This is how the products were stacked.
mojo box products
An overview of the samples in our box.

‘Try before you Buy’ reads the brand’s tagline. The website is pretty easy to navigate. There are seven ready-to-order boxes. The brand also offers a ‘make my own’ option where you can build your personalized box including items ranging from snacks, beverages, protein bars, skincare, cosmetics, and more.

We got no complaints about the overall quality of this service. As mentioned above, our order was packed neatly and delivered in a fairly good condition. 

In addition to trying mini-sized products before purchasing the full-sized version, Mojo Box is a great gifting option too. Moreover, the pricing is pretty reasonable. 

Do note that these boxes are very dynamic and keep going out of stock and new curations are introduced every few weeks. 

Overall Experience- 4/5
  • Easy-to-navigate UI
  • Thumbs up for the variety of products.
  • Pretty impressive quality.
  • We DIG this concept of trying before buying.
  • Quick delivery.
  • Neat packaging.
  • The customization option is quite beneficial.

Curious to learn how something tastes before buying full-size products? Mojo Box offers pocket-friendly solutions to your first-time purchase woes.

This also makes for an ideal gifting option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Mojo Box.

This depends on the box you’ve chosen or customized. Snacks, bars, beverages, cosmetics, skincare, there’s a vast variety.

The Deluxe Breakfast Box we ordered had two free samples. You can also get free samples after earning points from placing orders. 

Yes, these boxes make for a pretty good gift.

Yes, the brand offers a ‘make my own’ option.

Yes, this is very economical. 

To Conclude

There you have Mishry’s detailed experience with Mojo Box. While we were significantly impressed by the innovative concept, the quality, quick delivery, and reasonable pricing were some of the other reasons contributing to our positive experience.

Now that you know how this works, would you give Mojo Box a try?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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