Betty Crocker Complete Pancake Mix (Original) Review

Will our quest to make a stack of fluffy pancakes be fulfilled by Betty Crocker's Complete Pancake Mix (Original)? Let's find out.

A perfectly fluffy stack of pancakes with generous amounts of maple syrup and a blob of butter on top is what breakfast dreams are made of. Depending on personal choices and taste, some people like to add chocolate chips, berries, and nuts to their pancake mix. Most pancake mixes that we have in the market need approximately 3-4 ingredients to prepare the batter. Betty Crocker’s Complete Pancake Mix (Original) provides the ease of making pancakes at home by adding just water to them. We reviewed the pancake mix to see if they made fluffy, tasty pancakes that are loved by children and adults alike. Here is our #FirstImpression.

What You Need To Know About Betty Crocker Complete Pancake Mix (Original)

*As per information provided on the pack

  • 100 grams of the pancake mix provides 364 Kcal of energy.
  • One box of the pancake mix makes around 22-24 pancakes.
  • You can make pancakes, waffles, and crepes with this mix.
 Betty Crocker Complete Pancake Mix (Original) Review

Betty Crocker Complete Pancake Mix (Original)

Betty Crocker’s Complete Pancake Mix (Original) turned out to be a very good product and the outcome was a stack of soft pancakes.

MRP – Rs 195/- for a 500-gram carton

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression Of Betty Crocker Complete Pancake Mix (Original)

Betty Crocker Complete Pancake Mix (Original) is priced at Rs 195/- for a 500-gram carton and makes about 22-24 pancakes. We felt the price was justified seeing how overpriced a stack of 2 pancakes is in a restaurant.

The dry mix – The texture of the pancake mix is like flour and there is no distinct aroma upon opening the pack.

 Betty Crocker Complete Pancake Mix (Original) Review
The dry pancake mix ready to be turned into a batter

For the batter – According to the instructions given on the pack, to make the batter, we added water to the dry mix and stirred continuously till it was completely dissolved. We used 250 grams of pancake mix and added 325 ml of water to it to make a thick batter.

Number of pancakes you want to makeAmount of dry pancake mixAmount of water to be added
11-12250 grams325 ml
22-24500 grams650 ml
 Betty Crocker Complete Pancake Mix (Original) Review
In Process- Making of the batter

To make the pancakes – We used a stainless steel pan and added oil to it. We added one ladle full of batter to the pan and covered it with a lid for 1-2 minutes. It was a bit difficult to toss it as it was sticking to the pan. So, we switched the pan to a non-stick one. We added 1 tsp of oil and once the pan was hot, we added a ladle full of batter. This time, the pancakes made on the non-stick pan were easy to flip and turned out to be very fluffy.

 Betty Crocker Complete Pancake Mix (Original) Review
Bubbling and popping – Pancakes ready to be cooked.

The outcome – We made 9 medium-sized pancakes out of 250 grams of pancake mix.

 Betty Crocker Complete Pancake Mix (Original) Review
Stack ’em up – The final outcome

The taste – The pancakes without any additives are not sweet and you can add any topping you wish to. We added maple syrup, icing sugar and pomegranates to enhance the taste. With the additives, the pancakes tasted delicious and were very soft. They did not rise as much as we had expected but the taste was so good that we could easily overlook that. You can eat them with Nutella, whipped cream, berries, fruits and nuts, jam, strawberry syrup, chocolate syrup or honey according to your personal preferences.

A thumbs up from Team Mishry!

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  1. I was contemplating if I should be buying this mix. You’re review just made it clear that I must buy it!

  2. Oh lovely! Betty Crocker does amazing mixes. Thier choco cake mix is good too.

  3. Suvidha Mehta says

    I am so hungry after seeing this post. I need some pancakes STAT!!!!

  4. My kids love this and I use it to make breakfast for them every Sunday! Your review was fantastic. Thank you

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