Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Mousse Review

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Mousse Review

dairy milk silk mousse

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Mousse Review

The Dairy Milk Silk Mousse brings the richness of a mousse and the creaminess of chocolate in one smooth bar of chocolate. This chocolate bar has an exquisite taste and a silky feel.

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The Dairy Milk Silk Mousse has a decadent taste and a creamy, milky texture. It melts in the mouth with a rich centre, mousse filling.

There is nothing chocolate can’t solve. From an A grade on a test to a mid-night craving, a small piece of chocolate, and you’re already feeling so much better. For most people in India, chocolate is equivalent to a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk. India’s most loved chocolate brand, Dairy Milk, has added a unique dessert-based chocolate to the existing Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate range. The shape, size, and packaging of this new chocolate bar remain unchanged. This Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate has a creamy mousse filling. In this Dairy Milk Silk Mousse Review, we talk about the taste and flavors, the consistency of the chocolate and mousse. Is the mousse in the chocolate present in balanced quantities or is it too little? Keep reading to know more!

Quick Review

dairy milk silk mousse

The Dairy Milk Silk Mousse has a soft centre filling with varying levels of sweetness. 

MRP – Rs 80/-*

Net weight – 50 grams

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

  • Provides 555 Kcal per 100 grams.
  • Best before 9 months from date of packaging. 
  • Allergen information – Contains milk. May contain wheat.

Milk chocolate (65%) – Sugar, Milk solids, Cocoa butter, Cocoa solids, Emulsifiers

Center filling (35%) – Edible vegetable fat, Sugar, Cocoa solids, Milk solids, Emulsifiers.

Quick Review Of Dairy Milk Silk Mousse Chocolate

Price and packaging – The Dairy Milk Silk Mousse is packed in the standard royal purple pack. A 50-gram pack of this chocolate bar is priced at Rs 80/-.

dairy milk silk mousse
Dairy Milk Silk Mousse Chocolate - Packaging

Taste Test – Right as we opened the pack, we noticed the shape was identical to the original Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate. You get eight dome-shaped pieces in the 50 grams chocolate bar. These bite-sized pieces have a chocolate mousse filling.

dairy milk silk mousse
This bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate has eight dome shaped pieces.

We could clearly see the mousse when we cut a piece in half. The outer cover is made using milk chocolate with the sweetness you would expect from a regular Cadbury Silk chocolate. The center-filling does resemble a mousse a little bit. However, there isn’t a lot going on with the textures as the chocolate casing and mousse-filling are very similar. A key observation was the variation in the sweetness levels. While the exterior tasted chocolaty, milky, and sweet, the centre filling was slightly low on the sweetness. It wasn’t dark or bitter, just a little less sweet as compared to the outer cover.

dairy milk silk mousse

Our Dairy Milk Silk Mousse review left us with huge smiles and messy fingers. To simply put it, the Dairy Milk Silk Mousse brings a plush dessert taste and feel at an affordable price. Unlike other chocolate bars from the Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate range, the Dairy Milk Silk Mousse tastes best a little melted at room temperature. Freezing it will only harden the mousse, and who wants that? While many people might want to stick to the good old Cadbury chocolate, this might be a good option if you like trying something new. Go for it!

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