Healthy Indian Breakfast Options For A Wholesome Day

A good & healthy breakfast helps you stay energized throughout the day and also keeps you full. Here is a list of top healthy Indian breakfast options, that offer a perfect balance of taste and nutrition.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It the meal that helps your body break the fast that it had maintained during the night. Most of the time, many people make the mistake of skipping their breakfast because of a lack of time or lack of discipline in their lives. Never make this mistake, because a good & healthy breakfast helps you stay energized throughout the day and also keep you full. Therefore, you don’t feel the urge to binge on unhealthy snacks during the day.

Are you looking for ideas to prepare some healthy and easy Indian breakfast dishes every day? You could consider these options:

1. Moong Dal Pancakes

Also known as moong dal cheela, this is a dish that is loaded with nutrients. Soak moong dal for in warm water for about a couple of hours. After 2 hours, strain the dal and grind into a thick batter adding water little by little. Ensure that the consistency is similar to a pancake batter.

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To the batter, you should add some spices such as chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, salt, and roasted cumin powder. If you don’t have time to modify the batter any further, you can mix all these spices well and make a simple pancake using this. However, the traditional cheela is one where you add onions, ginger, green chili, hing and coriander leaves to the batter.

Now mix all the contents well and let it rest for about 20 minutes. After some time, add water (only if needed) and spread the batter like a pancake on a tawa, or a pan. Gently turn the pancake so that it cooks evenly on both sides. Serve the tasty cheela with any chutney that you like.

Why is moong dal cheela healthy?

In one moong dal pancake, you can get about 6 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat, 10 grams of carbohydrates and only 100 calories. To make the dish healthier than this, you can consider using whole green grams as well, but they need to be soaked overnight.

 Healthy Indian Breakfast Options For A Wholesome Day
Healthy Indian Breakfast: In one moong dal pancake, you can get about 6 grams of protein

2. Semolina Upma

One of the most common breakfast options in India, Semolina Upma is also an underrated dish. Not many understand that you can customize it as much as you like to suit your taste buds. It can be prepared under ten minutes; so, there is no excuse for you to skip breakfast because of lack of time.

To make this dish, roast one cup of semolina (also known as rava or sooji) in a pan or a tawa. Once it turns golden brown, transfer the rava/sooji to a bowl. Now, add some oil in the pan and temper it with mustard seeds, urad dal, curry leaves, ginger, and green chilies. Sauté them well before you add one sliced onion.

Cook the onions for a few seconds until they turn translucent. Now add water in the pan and cook well until the water starts boiling. Ensure that the water and the semolina are always in the ratio of 2:1 for the contents to cook well. Once the water starts boiling, add some salt and start adding the semolina little by little. Keep stirring when you add this so that there aren’t any lumps formed.

Keep stirring until the semolina absorbs all the water and becomes thick. Once all the water has been absorbed by the upma, garnish your dish with coriander leaves. Serve it along with coconut chutney.

Why is Semolina Upma healthy?

Semolina is an excellent source of protein and fiber. Therefore, when you eat a cup of semolina upma in the morning, you will feel full for a long time. Consuming semolina regularly is considered to be good for your heart and blood pressure regulation.

 Healthy Indian Breakfast Options For A Wholesome Day
Healthy Indian Breakfast: Semolina is an excellent source of protein and fiber

3. Thepla

This tasty and healthy dish is quite common in the state of Gujarat in India. It is flattened bread, which has a very thin texture. The flour to make this thepla contains the goodness of many spices and fenugreek leaves, which makes this dish one of the healthiest Indian breakfast options that you can find today.

You need to thoroughly wash and finely chop one cup of fenugreek leaves as the first step of making this thepla. In a bowl, mix about ½ a cup of wheat flour, 3 to 4 teaspoons of besan (chickpea flour) and salt. Mix the contents well before you add the spices such as turmeric powder, coriander powder, chili powder, ginger garlic paste, cumin powder, and the finely chopped fenugreek leaves.

Now add about 5 spoons of yogurt to mix the contents well. The dough should be in the usual consistency that you prepare while making a roti. You can add more curd for getting the right consistency but never add water.

Now make small or medium-sized balls of this batter. Roll them very thinly on a rolling pin. You can use dry wheat flour on top of the thepla to ensure that they don’t stick on the rolling pin. Roll as thinly as possible, before you place it on a hot tawa for cooking. Spread a spoon of oil and allow the thepla to cook on both sides by flipping it on and off.

If you plan to eat the theplas a long time after cooking, ensure that you use a lot of oil while cooking them. This will ensure that the theplas are nice and soft. Theplas taste the best with chhunda mango pickle (sweetened mango pickle, where mango pieces are cooked well with jaggery and spices).

Why is Thepla healthy?

In one piece of thepla, you will find around 7% of Vitamin A, 6% of Vitamin C, 2% of Calcium and 5% of Iron. The best part of this dish is that it can be given to kids as well. It is a very tasty option. Fenugreek leaves are rich in iron; therefore, theplas can keep you energized all through the day.

 Healthy Indian Breakfast Options For A Wholesome Day
Healthy Indian Breakfast: In one piece of thepla, you will find around 7% of Vitamin A

Some other options of healthy Indian breakfast that you can try out

Here are some other simple and healthy Indian breakfast options that can come to your rescue when you don’t have time:

Salad made from sprouts – Cook some sprouts till they are soft and serve with fresh onion, tomato, and cucumber. You can pour the juice of half a lemon on top for that extra tangy flavor.

Idli – A perfect healthy breakfast that is healthy, as well as tasty, is the good, own idli. It is cooked using steam; therefore, you can eat it even when you want to eat a little light.

Simple bread sandwich – Even when you don’t have the time to cook anything, you can toast two slices of brown bread and prepare a quick sandwich with a few slices of tomato, carrot, and cucumber in between.

 Healthy Indian Breakfast Options For A Wholesome Day
Healthy Indian Breakfast: Use brown breads instead of white bread for your sandwiches

What To Note When Choosing Breakfast Dishes | Breakfast Foods To Avoid

In short, you can eat anything for breakfast except for the following dishes:

  • White bread toasts
  • Anything oily, spicy or full of fat-content
  • Sugar-loaded dishes
  • Dishes that are overloaded with dairy content such as cream or cheese
  • Drinking only tea, coffee, juices or smoothies and nothing else to accompany them
  • Any other store-bought instant cereal bars

All of these contain unhealthy fats and carbohydrates in them. You will start feeling hungry very soon after eating these dishes for breakfast. As a result, you will crave for unhealthy dishes many times during the day. Therefore, always choose whole meals for breakfast as they are loaded with nutrients and also keep you full for a long time.


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