9 Best Milk Brands In India - Mishry
9 best milk brands in india: mishry

9 Best Milk Brands In India

We will be looking at different aspects that make dairy companies different from one another and how they help in improving the economy of India. Here are some of the best milk brands in India.

Dairy products like milk, butter and curd are available in even the remotest parts of India. Dairy products are consumed at a high rate in our country and form an important part of our diets. Everywhere from rural to urban areas, from the north to the east, you can see almost everyone buying dairy products that are manufactured in India. Dairy companies in India have been a source of income for a lot of families and the dairies in India are one of the most important businesses of all time which help cater to millions of people.

Thanks to milk and milk products, we are able to enjoy our morning beverages. Be it tea, coffee, buttermilk, lassi or a milkshake, our day is incomplete without some milk based beverage. Any milk factory in India works almost 24×7 to aid the provision of milk to dairy shops and distributors. In this article, we will talk about some of the best milk brands in India, how they came into being and how the dairies in India work. We will also be looking at aspects that make them different from other milk brands in India and how they help in improving the country’s economy.

According to Ayurveda, consumption of milk can help in reducing stress and anxiety. Intensity of some other diseases can also be reduced with the consumption of milk like insomnia and harmful sleeping patterns. Not only does Ayurveda confirm the benefits of milk, modern research and studies have shown positive results of milk consumption and sleeping patterns also. Doctors and naturopaths also swear by the benefits of drinking milk and consumption of its by-products every day. In fact, the United States Department of Agriculture has mentioned in their dietary guidelines to include milk and its by-products as a daily consumption in diets.

Did you know that India is the largest producer of milk in the world? There was around 176.3 million tonne milk production in 2017-18 in India.

In recent years we have seen a sudden growth of dairy products in India. The numbers are skyrocketing, and we are sure this trend is likely to carry on from here onwards. India is the largest producer of milk in the world. It produces more than a whopping 170 million tonnes of milk each year approximately. In 2014, as the milk production in India grew to such a point that we surpassed the entire EU’s milk production in one year. Kudos to all the dairy brands in India who have worked hard to increase the output of milk in the nation.

One of the biggest reasons for India to be producing milk at such a considerable number is because dairy companies in India are importing lots of European cows now. These cows are being cross-bred with the local cattle varieties to increase the output of milk. Another crucial reason for the success is the decade long program of sourcing milk from small farmers with the help of co-operatives. The most prominent working example of this cooperation is Amul. Amul is one of the best milk brands in India and comes at the top of the list of best milk companies in India.

Milk industries in India have made a cooperative system of milk collection, distribution, and processing which has proven to be a great success. The milk is collected from small villages by the closest located factories, where it gets processed and tested in terms of nutritional value and packaged according to food safety norms. Once these are checked, the factory puts the milk in packets and sends them to the shopkeepers.

From there, individuals buy milk according to their needs. This whole process of milk being collected and distributed takes place every day. The rural households are the ones who are getting more benefits from this increase in demand as they are the ones at grass root level, that provide milk to the millions of families throughout the country.

Top Dairy Companies In India

Now let’s talk about some of the best dairy companies in India. These are some of the best milk brands in India and produce milk in large quantities and distribute it in different parts of the country every single day.

1. Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) – Amul

Amul is considered as the most trusted milk brands in India. The Amul girl, their witty advertisements and the utterly butterly delicious products are all part of our lives. So, at number one we have Amul. Not only are their product sought after, their clever marketing techniques and the AMUL newspaper comic/advertisements on social issues or current affairs is always bang on. As kids, we waited to see what the AMUL girl had to ‘say’ in the morning newspaper.

Well, keeping marketing strategies aside, Amul single handheld is the biggest name in the dairy production in India. They were formed in the year 1946 by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in Gujarat. After some local farmers came to him to stop the exploitation done by the middlemen who were paying low rates for their milk. The veteran came up with the model of dairy production and distribution. That is now known worldwide as the Amul model in which farmers and cattle owners are selling milk directly to the regional cooperative societies at much better prices.

Over 15 million milk producers provide milk and its by-products every day to over 1,44,000 distributors and is said to be one of the best dairy in India. In addition to this, the milk is processed at plants operated by 186 district cooperative unions that come under Amul. Along with this, the products are marketed by the 22 state milk cooperative federations in India.

Amul is the best milk brand in India and it has shown the world one of the best examples of forming a cooperative industry with the help of local farmers. This model has been successfully replicated in all the states that started from Gujarat. Amul is the most successful cooperative venture in the world to date making it one of the best milk brands in India.

amul rabri
Amul Rabri

2. Mother Dairy 

Mother Dairy is also one of the biggest milk brands in India, but it missed the top spot in our list of milk brands in India by Amul. We have Mother Dairy, a company which became fully owned by National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) in 1974. The products are being sold all over the country by more than 1200 exclusive milk and dairy shops. Mother dairy booths are scattered throughout the country in different cities at multiple locations and sell milk, flavored milk, paneer, curd, packaged chaas, lassi, butter, ice creams and more.

In addition to their dairy business, Mother Dairy was one of the first companies to come up with the fruits and vegetable business in 1988 under the branding Safal. In the current market Safal is seeing annual growth of 10% with annual turnover of Rs. 550 crore. Mother dairy also owns a brand called Dhara. Dhara is famous for their vegetable and mustard oil.

3. Nestle

Now, at number three, we have got the name that most people are familiar with and have used its products in one way or the other. Being one of the biggest dairy producers in the world, it was obvious for Nestle to compete in the Indian milk market. Right now, Nestle is the only MNC that has been able to enter the dairy market of India. In India, Nestle provides a wide variety of milk products like curd, raitas, milk and milk powder. Nestle in India gives particular emphasis on making milk for the fitness conscious people. They have come up with Nestle A+ Nourish and Nestle A+ Slim long-life as some of the fortified milk brands.

Furthermore, now in India, you can also buy superior quality yogurt that is made from unique probiotics from the Nestle A+ brand. Likewise, one of the most significant selling products of Nestle in the Indian market is its condensed milk. This can of milkmaid condensed milk can be found in your fridge.

4. Britannia Industries Ltd

Yes, your favorite biscuit company does come in the list of dairy companies in India. Some of the most famous dairy products of Britannia are Ultra High Technology (UHT) processed, toned milk which is packaged in Tetra packs. BIL has been one of the oldest milk brand names list in India. As they are 100 years old in this business. You can easily find their outlet near you as they have nearly 500 million outlets spread all over the map of India.

Apart from milk, Britannia has a lot of milk products that are very easily available throughout the country including cheese slices, cheese cubes, cheese blocks, curd, shakes and flavored yogurts.

5. Anik Milk Products Pvt Ltd

Anik milk products pvt ltd is one of the oldest milk brands in India. The company has been listed as one of the major players in dairy industry in India that came into being in 1965. Anik milk, Anik ghee and Anikspray are very popular in some parts of the country. Some people even swear by anikspray and have called it as one of the best milk powder brands in India. Anik was the first milk brand in India that started using dairy whitener.

6. Srikrishna Milks Pvt Ltd

It is the first private-sector enterprise in the dairy industry in Karnataka. Established in the year 1989 with the help of local investors. In its starting year, the milk corporation was only capable of delivering 500 liters of milk. Now in 2020, the company has one of the most significant dairy products manufacturing in India. It is located in Kirvatti village near Yellapur town.

As the company has completed three decades of producing milk operations successfully. It’s a household name in neighbouring states such as Goa, Maharashtra, Telangana, etc. Moreover, the company also takes help from milk farmers in various other states for processing milk and market it under the Shrikrishna milk brand.

7. Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Dairy Federation Ltd

Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Dairy Federation Ltd has milk and milk products under the name of ‘Sanchi’. The cooperative dairy was set up after going deep through the model of Amul’s model of cooperative milk collection and processing. If you happen to be traveling by train in MP, you are surely going to find the Sanchi milk parlors on the railway platform. From milk to flavored milk, curd based beverages and flavored yogurt, Sanchi milk booths are easily accessible throughout Madhya Pradesh.

8. Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation (PCDF)

In our list of top milk brands in India, PCDF makes it too. PCDF was founded in 1962 to provide dairy products in a more organised way to the state of Uttar Pradesh. It was a cooperative measure that resulted in the elimination of the middlemen, who were exploiting the milk producers. PCDF’s brand Parag has a wide range of milk and milk products including – Milk, milk powder, butter and ghee.

9. Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd (Nandini)

The Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd sells milk and milk products under the brand name of Nandini. Even though Nandini started out as a small brand, today, KMF is India’s second largest milk cooperative after AMUL. The fame of the brand slowly helped to expand the company in the neighbouring states too including Goa and Maharashtra. It is considered as one of the top milk brands in Maharashtra. In 2020, KMF now has 14 milk unions covering all the districts of the Karnataka state to collect milk from the local producers in the rural area of the state.

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Benefits Of Drinking A Glass Of Milk Everyday

Now that we have learned about the different milk brands in India, lets have a look at the benefits of drinking milk. We have all had mothers running after us with that bug mug of milk, constantly pestering us to drink it atleast twice a day. Do you know why? Here is a list of benefits attached to drinking a glass of milk everyday.

1. Milk And Skin Benefits

Due to the fat content in milk, it proves to be a great moisturiser for the skin. Not only drinking milk, but application of milk on face through DIY face packs can be very nourishing due to the lactic acid in it. Milk can hydrate our skin and in some cases milk also helped to reduce mild pigmentation and acne.

2. Benefits Of Milk For Our Bones And Teeth

Some of the Indian milk companies make their advertisements solely on how drinking milk can help you strengthen your teeth and bones. Milk is the best source of calcium; that’s precisely what you need to have healthier teeth. Make sure you also soak in some sunlight, as vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption in the body.

3. Milk May Help To Lose Weight

Milk has a high satiety value and can help keep your stomach feel full. Milk acts as a great meal or even a mid meal if you are looking for a healthy drink that gives you plenty of nutrition. Studies have shown lower risk of childhood obesity amongst children with higher intake of milk.

Also learn about the best time to drink milk according to Ayurveda.

‘According to Ayurveda, consuming milk in the morning can make your body sluggish. The best time to drink milk is in the late evening when the body is ready for sleep and repair.’

Types Of Milk In India | Sources Of Milk

Milk is something, we don’t consider would be available in different ‘types’ apart from their fat content. Some milk are full fat (full cream), some are double toned and some are solely meant for people on a diet. In India, we have plenty of milk brands and a lot of variety to choose from according to our taste and dietary needs. Even though cows and buffalos are considered as the prime source of milk, you’ll be interested to know about the other types and sources of milk available in India –

1. Pig Milk

Yes, pig milk is very much edible and has a high fat content in comparison to cows milk. It is not readily available or consumed due to the difficulty in milking the pigs.

2. Camel Milk 

Camel milk is saltier and high in Vitamin C. The fat content is low in comparison to pigs milk.

3. Goat Milk 

The nutrient profile of goat’s milk and cow’s milk is very similar. It is easy to digest and is the best known for reducing the inflammation.

4. Sheep Milk

Sheep milk is an excellent source of protein and calcium. On the other hand, it is also rich in total fat and calories. The vitamins and nutritional ability make it an excellent choice for the athletes who train hard. In addition to this, sheep’s milk is appropriate in making cheese and yogurt.

5. Cow Milk

There is no doubt cow’s milk is the most widely consumed milk in India, it is much lighter and is less fattening than buffalo milk. Moreover, it is easy to digest, thus, doctors recommend it for little children too.

6. Buffalo Milk 

Buffalo milk holds more cream and is quite thick, as a result, it is used in making the delicious cottage cheese, which is the main ingredient of some of the most famous Indian dishes such as Kadai Paneer, Palak Paneer etc. On the other hand, buffalo have more calories due to presence of higher fat content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Amul is one of the popular and most trusted milk brands in India. Apart from this, some of the popular milk brands are Nestle, Britannia and Mother Dairy.

We curated a list of the best milk brands available in the Indian Market, which are: Amul, Mother Dairy, Nestle, Britannia, Anik Milk Product, Srikrishna Milks, Sanchi, KMF (Nandini) and PCDF.

Cow milk is considered one of the healthiest options. It is high in protein and low in fat. It contains Vitamin B, calcium and vital minerals. Also, it is easy to digest.

Multiple milk brands such as Amul, Nestle and Mother Dairy offer packaged pasteurized milk that is safe to be consumed.

In Conclusion

There is definitely no lack of options when it comes to choosing a milk brand in India. Every nook and corner of this country is well stocked and has a regular supply of milk. There might be some brands we missed, but these are the top milk brands of India which are trusted by millions of people in the country.

Which milk brands in India do you trust the most with quality?

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