Mishry Mums Review: Knorr Sweet Corn Veg Cup-a-Soup

The Knorr Sweet Corn Veg Cup-a-Soup can be made in just a minute. Mishry Mum Saugat Singh tried this soup and here's what she said about it

See what Mishry Mum Saugat Singh had to say about the Knorr Sweet Corn Veg Cup-a-Soup.

First Impression:

The packaging of the soup mix is quite simple. It is easy to open. The instructions on the back of the pack are clear and easy to follow. All you need to do is add 150ml of boiling water to this mix and wait for a minute to prepare this soup. The price is just Rs.10 which is absolutely reasonable.

Knorr Sweet Corn Veg Cup-a-Soup

Made with 100% real vegetables and no added preservatives.

MRP: Rs 10*

*Price at the time of review

Tasting Session:

This soup mix has 100% real vegetables. It has a perfect blend of spices, sweet corn, and vegetables. I really liked the soup.

Mishry Mum Saugat Singh reviews Knorr Sweet Corn Veg Cup-a-Soup.
Watch the full video below.

This soup is tasty and reasonably priced. It is quick and easy to make. I would, without a doubt, recommend this to others.

About Mishry Mum Saugat Singh

A brand new mom of twin baby girls, Saugat’s day (and nights) are completely focused on her daughters and she is clearly beaming with happiness and adoration, every time she looks at her babies. She is extremely conscientious about what products to pick for the babies and gives enough thought to how to best take care of your physical and mental health post-delivery. She is also very passionate about animal welfare and is a huge bird lover.  

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