The Best Two-slice Toasters and How To Keep Them Clean

A toaster an be your best friend in the kitchen. It can help you get a jump start on your day, making your breakfast prep very easy.

For most people around the world, a quick breakfast means running off with a slice of well-toasted bread. To get that very satisfying slice, you need to be equipped with a good toaster that will do the job for you perfectly. You need a toaster that works fast and does a good job of toasting your slice of bread. Here’s a list of the top 2-slice pop-up toasters you could choose from

Prestige PPTPKB 800-Watt 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster

Prestige is one of India’s most trusted brands producing home appliances. They have consistently pushed out products that keep up with the modern home needs.

The Prestige pop-up works fast and efficiently. It has three modes- reheating, defrosting and powered down.

It also comes with 6 different browning levels so you can choose accordingly. The slots are very wide. The toaster comes with a plastic housing and anti-slip feet.

Black + Decker BXTO0202IN 870-Watt 2 Slice Pop-up Toaster With Bun Warmer

Black+ Decker is an American home products company. They offer a wide range of toasters including 2-slice toasters and 4-slice toasters.

The toaster has six browning levels. It comes with a cancel button meaning you can stop the toaster at any point in time. It also has a bun warming option with which you can heat up breakfast buns or croissants.

This toaster has a sliding crumb tray at the bottom to make cleaning easier. The product also comes with a 2 years warranty.

Kent 16030 850-Watt-2-Slice Pop-up Toaster

Kent bread toasters have a reputation of being of premium quality and are also very well-built. They have a sleek look to them and would definitely add to the style quotient of your kitchen.

The toaster comes with five heating modes and a high lift function that lets you pick up the fresh toasts without burning your fingertips. It also has a reheat feature that lets you heat up the bread without changing color. It is also equipped with a stop feature that lets you stop the toasting process at any point in time. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Morphy Richards AT-201 2-Slice 650-Watt Pop-up Toaster

Morphy Richards stands for innovation and smart technology. They offer a wide variety of toasters designed to stay cool from the outside at all times, thanks to their special outer bodies. Their products are easily available online at very affordable prices.

The Morphy Richards toasters consume very little power. It has 7 different levels of heating to give you your perfect toast. The outer part of the toaster remains cool at all times, keeping you safe from any accidental burns. It also has an anti-skid base for increased safety.

How to clean a toaster?

A toaster most likely always gets overlooked during your kitchen cleaning rituals. And even if you remember to clean it, chances are, you don’t know the right way to clean it. So, unless you want to receive the shock of your life, follow these simple steps.

Always remember to unplug the toaster before you start cleaning it. Move it to a clean and flat workspace so that you don’t end up accidentally dropping it on your foot.

 The Best Two-slice Toasters and How To Keep Them Clean
Mishry Reviews: How to clean a toaster?

More likely than not, your toaster will have a detachable tray at the bottom. This tray collects all the crumbs. Pull out this tray and get rid of these crumbs. If your tray doesn’t have a removable tray, then just hold the toaster upside-down and shake it till the crumbs drop out completely.

Wash the crumb tray like you would wash any other utensil, with water and mild dishwashing soap.

Next, take a spare toothbrush and clean the insides with it. Carefully wipe down the wires inside the toaster.

Then dip the brush in some vinegar to scrub off any of the crumbs stuck to the wires or the bottom. Remember to only dampen the brush and not get it soaking wet.

Use a soft washcloth or sponge to clean off the exterior. Dampen it before scrubbing away so that you don’t end up with scratches on the exterior cover.

Clean your toaster as often as you can to ensure proper hygiene and to also make sure your toaster keeps running smoothly. Click here to read all the details about the best 2 slice toasters available online and offline in India. - Reviews That Matter
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