Looking For A Ginger Substitute?

Looking For A Ginger Substitute

Looking For A Ginger Substitute?

If you don’t have ginger, worry not, because you have substitution for ginger. Yes, there are many ingredients which can be great substitute for ginger. There are ground ginger substitute that are close to fresh ginger. Know more from here.

If you are a every day ginger person and you should know about substitution for ginger too. Ground ginger substitution are easily available and some of them might be in your kitchen right now. Ginger is a day-to-day kitchen ingredient that has been in use since the beginning of time in Indian cooking. It is pungent, spicy, and the light woody flavor is enough to bring a flavorful kick to any dish. Not only that, ginger has been used as a medicine for digestive purposes and to reduce throat irritations for a long time in India.

Since it is a very common, and most-in-demand spice for your meal, you might, under some conditions, when you find yourself out of ginger. What should you the substitution for ginger? Well, not to worry, for there is a list of spices that can prove to be a great substitution for ginger and bring that same zesty flavor. There are many ingredients that can be used as ground ginger substitute or substitute for ginger.

Some of the best substitution for ginger are listed below:

ginger substitutes
A list of the most common substitution for ginger.

Ground Ginger Substitute (Ginger Powder)

Ground ginger is the powdered form of the sweet spice and is considered to be much stronger when compared to fresh ginger. About a quarter of this ground ginger powder is used to replace one teaspoon of fresh ginger. But the point are there substitution for ginger with same flavor and taste? Yes, there are some ingredients that can be ground ginger substitute. However, substituting such highly strong flavoring agent calls for other strong spices. Here is the list of spices that can act as substitution for ginger and great flavoring alternatives too –

Mace – Substitution For Ginger

Can mace be considered as substitution for ginger? The sweet aromatic flavor of mace has a warmth that makes it a great substitute for ginger. The most common use of this spice is in baked goods such as donuts, cakes, and pastries. Apart from all that, it also goes well with veggies such as cabbages, beans, carrot, and asparagus. Mace flavor is so good that you use it as ground ginger substitute. It’s better to have substitute for ginger for emergencies.

mace as ginger substitute
Mace As Substitution For Ginger

Cinnamon – Ground Ginger Substitute

If we take a look at it carefully, we’ll find that cinnamon might be the next most commonly used spice after ginger in this list. It can be a great substitution for ginger because of it’s aroma, flavor and easy usage. It has a warm flavor with a slight hint of sweetness, which matches very well with the taste of ginger. This spice is mostly used in a powdered form or as a stick. Cinnamon powdered form can be easily turned as a ground ginger substitute.

cinnamon stick as Substitute For Ground Ginger
Cinnamon Substitution For Ginger

Nutmeg – Substitute For Fresh Ginger

Nutmeg is another one of those sweet spices that’ll be a great substitution for ginger. Even after belonging to the sweet spice quartet (along with cinnamon, allspice, and clove), nutmeg, unlike the rest of the members, tends to go as a solo flavoring ingredient. It goes very well with vegetables and meat dishes. It can be easily used in most of the dishes and of course as a ground ginger substitute also. Nutmeg powdered form gives your dish a nice flavor and can be used as substitute for ginger.

nutmeg as Substitute For Ground Ginger
Nutmeg Substitution For Ginger

Allspice – Substitute For Ground Ginger

A sweet spice that is also mildly spicy in taste, Allspice is an authentic Caribbean spice that is used to add that zesty and warm flavor associated with ginger. In other words, adding a pinch of this spice in your meal might just make you forget about ginger. Because of it’s similar flavor like ginger it can be a nice substitution for ginger. What you get from ginger you can easily get from ground ginger substitute also. You just have to know right substitute for ginger and then your dish is full of flavors.

allspice as Substitute For Ground Ginger
Caribbean spice Substitution For Ginger

Substitute For Fresh Ginger

Fresh ginger, quite unlike ground ginger, is rather weak in flavor, thus it often used in large quantity. However, the substitute for fresh ginger can be easily found, the first one being ground ginger itself, which is more powerful and required in less quantity for addition. One of the best substitution for ginger can also be galangal. On the other hand, some other mixtures such as the one that involves garlic and lime, or black pepper and lime would also do the trick in the form of substitution for ginger.

If you are using ginger for baking or any other ginger based desserts, you can also use crystallized ginger also.

What Is Crystallized Ginger/ Candied Ginger?

Who don’t love candies? Crystallized ginger/ candied ginger is fresh ginger cooked in sugar syrup and rolled in sugar. The process to make crystallized ginger is little bit long but the end product is very tasty. To make candied ginger firstly you have to peel fresh ginger and then cut into pieces. Now cook these ginger pieces in a simple sugar syrup and then let it dry. As a result you will get sweet and perfect substitution for ginger in a form of crystallized ginger.

Substitute For Fresh Ginger
Substitute For Fresh Ginger

6 Recipes You Can Make With Fresh Ginger/ Powdered Ginger

Adraki Paneer – A warm tomato based gravy with loads of ginger flavor and velvety pieces of paneer. Adraki paneer is a very common dish in most North Indian restaurants and can be easily made at home too.

Adarki Chicken – Boneless pieces of chicken in an onion-tomato gravy and juliennes of ginger. If not an Indian gravy, incorporate some desi-chinese masala to make a fusion ginger chicken recipe.

Ginger Cookies – Perfect for the fall season, ginger in cookies taste great with a cup of tea. Family tea time is about to be amped up!

ginger cookies
ginger cookies

Asian Stir Fry With Ginger – A dash of freshly ground ginger is a game changer in an oriental stir fry. Be it vegetables, meat, tofu or paneer, no stir fry is complete without some garlic and ginger. Asian flavors include warm spices like ginger.

Adrak Achaar – Making ginger pickle or adrak ka achaar is a five minute task and requires just lemon and salt. Goes perfect with a light summer lunch. Yes, you can buy it off the shelf, but the fresh flavors of an adrak achaar made at home is unmatched.

Kashmiri cuisine uses fennel seeds and dry ginger powder to flavor their dishes like dum aloo and nadru.

How To Store Ginger

If you want to restore the freshness of ginger for a long period of time so it’d better to know about how to store ginger in correct way. There are many ways cited below to store your ginger’s freshness.

  • First of all wash ginger thoroughly and let them dry.
  • If you keep ginger in fridge, then keep ginger in paper bag or cotton cloth to restore ginger freshness. Never keep ginger loosely in fridge, it will dry soon.
  • If you want to store ginger for more then 20- 25 days then peel ginger and store it in air tight bag. There should be no air in the bag to maintain freshness. Now you can keep it in fridge.
  • To maintain ginger flavor for longer period of time, you can freeze ginger also. Freeze ginger in ice tray and then use frozen ginger as per your wish.


There are a lot of other spices that can be added as substitution for ginger and still retain the flavor of the dish. But, often the exact zesty and warm flavor of fresh or ground ginger might be hard to replicate, thus it is advised that if you run out of ginger, the best alternative would be to go and re-stock it!

Check if you are allergic to any spices before making a swap!


  1. What we can use while cooking food in place of ginger?

    There are many things that have close flavor to ginger and can be used in place of ginger in recipes such as cinnamon, mace, nutmeg, allspice etc. By using these you can have a flavor that is close to ginger.

  2. What can be used in place of ginger paste?

    Nutmeg, mace, allspice, cinnamon paste can be used in place of ginger paste to give heat to your dish.

  3. Which is better – ginger powder or fresh ginger?

    It's always advised to use fresh ingredients in your food. When don't have fresh ginger you can substitute it with ginger powder to have a similar taste. If you want to have ginger benefits then try to have fresh ginger.

  4. How much ginger should be consumed in a day?

    Around 4 gram of ginger is enough in a day. Increased amount of ginger intake can cause harmful effects also.

  5. Can we eat raw or cooked ginger?

    Ginger is known to give relief from muscle pain. Ginger can be eaten in raw or cooked form. But always keep in mind to consume right amount of ginger to get ginger benefits.

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