Tastiest Haldiram’s Peanuts | Six Top Flavors Reviewed

This review is in celebration of our love for Peanuts!

Haldiram’s is a big name in the sweets and savories department with over 400 products ranging from namkeens, cookies, and sherbets to pickles, traditional Indian sweets, and snacks. They have several types of peanuts, with varying degrees of spices, coatings, and flavors, and so, we decided to dedicate one entire review to peanuts by Haldiram’s only. We tasted and reviewed SIX different types of peanuts by Haldiram’s and divided them into three categories – Plain, Spicy and Masala. After a week-long munching of six easily available peanuts variants, here are our Top Picks.

Mishry Reviews: Haldiram’s Peanuts – The Best Peanuts

1. Top Pick (Plain): Haldiram’s Classic Roasted Peanuts

 Tastiest Haldiram’s Peanuts | Six Top Flavors Reviewed

Haldiram’s Classic Roasted Peanuts

Haldiram’s Classic Roasted Peanuts are seasoned well and have a brilliant crunch.

MRP – Rs 46/-

*Price at the time of review

Why is Haldiram’s Classic Roasted Peanuts our Top Pick (Plain)

If you love classic salted peanuts, go for these because the peanuts are crunchy and fresh.

There are just two ingredients in this – peanuts and common salt. That’s all!

The seasoning is very well balanced. However this is not for you if you like spicy food.

These are blanched peanuts, meaning there is no coating (the red papery covering also called Testa) on the peanuts. It has been removed, making them easier to eat.

2. Top Pick (Spicy): Haldiram’s Classic Nut Cracker

 Tastiest Haldiram’s Peanuts | Six Top Flavors Reviewed

Haldiram’s Classic Nut Cracker

Haldiram’s Classic Nut Cracker is a perfect munchie if you love spicy food.

MRP – Rs 45/-

*Price at the time of review

Why is Haldiram’s Classic Nut Cracker our Top Pick (Spicy)

Haldiram’s Classic Nut Cracker has a besan (gram flour) coating which is very masaledaar, and quite delicious.

The peanuts and the coating are very crunchy.

There’s a lot of masala, and with every bite you can taste the besan and all the spices.

The dark reddish Testa (seed coat) has not been removed.

3. Top Pick (Masala): Haldiram’s Classic Masala Peanuts

 Tastiest Haldiram’s Peanuts | Six Top Flavors Reviewed

Haldiram’s Classic Masala Peanuts

Haldiram’s Classic Masala Peanuts won us over with its masaledaar punch without being too spicy.

MRP – Rs 46/-

*Price at the time of review

Why is Haldiram’s Classic Masala Peanuts our Top Pick (Masala)

Haldiram’s Classic Masala Peanuts have the right amount of dry masala which is medium spicy.

The masalas are neither overpowering nor are they too spicy. All the masalas are in harmony and make a flavorful seasoning.

The masalas coat the peanuts evenly and at the end you can taste the fresh crunchy peanuts.

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Our Review Process

“Crunch, crunch, sip.”

“Munch, munch, sip.”

Any party is incomplete without some peanuts at the bar counter. Famously known as ‘chakna‘ in the Northern belt, peanuts never fail to show up at any table. Peanuts or groundnuts are packed with tons of health benefits when eaten in a moderate amount. They are easily available at most local general stores, supermarkets, and street vendors.

The thing about peanuts is that you want to keep having them and cannot just stop at one and this review of ours celebrates the love for peanuts.

The audience – To pick our winners for the peanut review, we decided to involve all the departments at the Mishry office in this tasting. We wanted a fair opinion on how different age groups with different taste buds react to the types of peanuts and their flavors.

 Tastiest Haldiram’s Peanuts | Six Top Flavors Reviewed
Haldiram’s Best PeanutThe review process

The tasting – A blind tasting was not possible for the peanut review because we all knew which bowl of peanuts looked like what even before we began the process. We tasted the peanuts thrice, in intervals of 2-3 hours to avoid overcrowding our palate with masalas.

After a whole day of munching on peanuts (and serious arguments between co-workers), we chose our Top Pick under three categories – Plain, Spicy and Masala.

Fun fact!

Peanuts are neither from the pea family or the nut family. They are legumes.

Who Is This Review For?

Looking for convenient bar snacks? Peanuts will always cross the finish line first and reach your tabletops.

If you are a peanut lover and need reviews on which one to pick based on their flavor and crunch, this post will definitely come in use. This review is also for people who love Haldiram’s range of namkeens and snacks and generally keep a small stock at home.

The Parameters

Haldiram’s peanuts were reviewed on two major parameters – Flavor and crunch.

Flavor – Our main motto while tasting all the flavors was if we all went back for the peanuts or not. Is the flavor good enough for us to keep on munching again and again? Were our palates overpowered with masalas or was the seasoning perfect?

Crunch – The crunch of the peanuts was an important factor we considered while reviewing these peanuts from Haldiram’s.

The Contenders – 6 Top Flavours of Haldiram’s Peanuts

We selected 6 packs of peanuts by Haldiram’s with different flavors and spice quotients –

Haldiram’s Classic Nut Cracker – Our spiciest contender, Haldiram’s Nut Cracker was the Top Pick under the spicy category.

Haldiram’s Classic Salted Peanuts – These peanuts had no oomph but had a decent crunch. In comparison with the roasted peanuts, these had more salty flavor.

Haldiram’s Classic Masala Peanuts – Our Top Pick in the Masala Category, these peanuts are well seasoned and generously coated in masalas.

Haldiram’s Classic Roasted Peanuts – Crunchy and classic are two words that would describe our Top Pick under the plain peanut category.

Haldiram’s Classic Gup Shup Peanuts – Uniformly shaped, Haldiram’s gup shup are very crunchy. These peanuts are spicy and sour.

Haldiram’s Heeng Jeera Peanuts – The heeng flavor was overpowering and most of us did not go back for seconds. You have to be a hardcore heeng lover to finish it off.

 Tastiest Haldiram’s Peanuts | Six Top Flavors Reviewed
Haldiram’s peanut review – The contenders of the best peanuts

Haldiram’s Peanuts – Price, Ingredients, Calories Details

List of Haldiram’s PeanutsPrice of Haldiram’s PeanutsNet WeightEnergy (Kcal) per 100 gmSpice Quotient
Haldiram’s classic nut crackerRs 45/-200 grams607 KcalSpicy
Haldiram’s classic salted peanutsRs 46/-200 grams610 KcalLow
Haldiram’s classic masala peanutsRs 46/-200 grams646 KcalMedium
Haldiram’s classic roasted peanutsRs 46/-200 grams624 KcalLow
Haldiram’s classic gup shup peanutsRs 46/-200 grams561 KcalMedium
Haldiram’s heeng jeera peanutsRs 46/-200 grams634 KcalMedium

FAQs About Peanuts

  1. Are fried peanuts healthy?

    It's a given that anything fried in general is not healthy for you. Peanuts can be eaten in moderation to avail of its health benefits. Anything in excess is bad for your health.

  2. Are peanuts fattening?

    Yes, peanuts have a high-fat content and are extremely high in calories.

  3. Are peanuts gluten-free?

    Yes, peanuts are naturally gluten-free and safe to consume if you have a gluten allergy.

Results Of Our Review

After a day full of peanut-y yumminess, we landed on our top picks which were divided into three categories.

  1. Top Pick (Plain) – Haldiram’s Classic Roasted Peanuts
  2. Top Pick (Spicy) – Haldiram’s Classic Nut Cracker
  3. Top Pick (Masala) – Haldiram’s Classic Masala Peanuts
 Tastiest Haldiram’s Peanuts | Six Top Flavors Reviewed

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