9 Popular And Well-Known Benefits Of Adding Flax Seeds To Your Diet

Even though falx seeds are small in size, the health benefits associated with it are big and bold. All thanks to its highly dense nutritional content, the addition of flax seeds to your diet can help you up the health quotient of your meals in just a matter of weeks. From cardiovascular health to helping to lose weight, flax seeds are a must add to your diet. Read all about the benefits of flax seeds here.

As a storehouse for omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fiber, flax seeds are highly nutrient-dense in nature, which in turn makes them an ingredient that you should look into if you are planning to start a healthy eating regimen. Not only can these small seeds offer you a healthy dose of good fats, but they can also significantly improve your cardiovascular health and promote healthy digestion, all of which contribute to making flax seeds super healthy. To understand its beneficial nature with much better insights, let’s take a look at some of the advantages that flax seeds can provide you with.

Benefits Of Eating Flax Seeds

1. Loaded With Nutrients

Packed with protein, fibers, minerals, and vitamins, flax seeds have all the required nutrients that make it a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory addition to your diet. Just like other edible seeds, flax seeds may be smaller in size, but their health impact can be easily observed, which also makes them an essential addition to your diet. The rich reserves of omega-3 fatty acids in flax seeds offer a great range of benefits to anyone who regularly eats them.

2. Great For Healthy Digestion

Flax seeds contain good quality and amount of dietary fiber, similar to other seeds like chia seeds and sunflower seeds. This can turn out to be good for a healthy digestive process. The reason behind this fact is the non-digestible nature of fiber itself, which makes a fiber-filled ingredient harder to digest. Now, since flax seeds require more time to digest, the stomach ends up exerting more effort for its digestion and, in that process, might also burn a few calories, and boost the body’s metabolism along the way.

health benefits of flax seeds
Benefits of Flax Seeds: The fiber content in flax seeds is responsible for boosting one’s metabolism and promoting healthy digestion.

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3. Flaxseeds Consumption Controls Blood Sugar Level

Again, the non-digestible nature of dietary fiber comes to your aid with its blood sugar maintaining properties. As mentioned, the fiber-loaded nature of flax seeds makes them harder to digest, thus the stomach requires more time and effort to do so. With a slowed down digestion process, the pancreas is given enough time for the secretion of insulin (a hormone that breaks down sugar molecules), hence preventing the sudden rise in your blood sugar levels. Flax seeds also have a very low glycemic index, making them fit for consumption by diabetics.

health benefits of flax seeds
The fibrous nature of flax seeds help in control the blood glucose level.

4. Great For Weight Loss

This is yet another example of a benefit that is contributed by the adequate supply of dietary fiber in flax seeds. With the boosting of one’s metabolism and the slowing down of digestion rate, one can effectively lose some weight. Similarly, the burning of calories is one of the results of flax seeds consumption. In addition to that, the intake of dietary fiber is known to fill up the stomach even if it is eaten in small quantity, thus it can prevent you from over-eating, which is one of the main causes of weight gain.

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5. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

One of the primary benefits of flax seeds, for which most people add it to their list of everyday ingredients, is its positive effects on one’s cardiovascular health. The presence of omega-3 fatty acids can be enough to prove this advantage. Healthy consumption of omega-3 fatty acids is often associated with the reduction of eicosanoids and cytokines in the body. Both of these molecules are known as inflammatory agents. Thus, omega-3 fatty acids, by reducing their production, can easily lower the inflammatory response of the body tissues. And it is this anti-inflammatory property of flax seeds that prevents the inner lining of the blood vessels from getting inflamed, hence regulating a proper flow of blood to the heart and maintaining healthy cardiovascular health.

benefits of flax seeds
Benefits Of Flax Seeds: The high omega-3 fatty acid content of flax seeds is essential for good cardiovascular health.

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6. Flaxseeds Are A Reliable Source For Lignans

Lignans, a certain type of plant compounds that effectively reduce the risk of developing cancer, can be found in flax seeds in abundance. In fact, flax seeds are the greatest food source for these compounds. Furthermore, a diet that is rich in food items that have high lignan quantity has been effectively linked with the reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases too. Also, it is more likely that numerous other nutrients and phytochemicals found in flax seeds give them an anti-inflammatory property required for such benefit.

7. Flax seeds Can Keep Your Cholesterol Level In Check  

Flax seeds and even flaxseed oil contains an adequate amount of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is one of the essential omega-3 fatty acids that can partly and effectively convert into DHA and EPA. Both these are more active types of omega-3s in the body which further enable the lowering of cholesterol levels. The consumption of flax seeds has shown to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol and increase the quantity of good cholesterol (HDL). HDL is responsible for bringing the excess cholesterol to the liver, which gets mixed up with the bile, thus forming bile salts, and is excreted from the system.

Benefits of flax seeds
Benefits of Flax Seeds: The active omega fatty acid content in flax seeds helps in increasing the good cholesterol level in the system.

8. A Great Source For Protein

As if the list of health benefits of flax seeds wasnt already long enough, these seeds are a reliable source for high-quality protein as well. Thus, with a high quantity of protein and an adequate supply of fiber, the consumption of flax seeds can effectively help in the development of one’s muscle tissues while aiding in weight loss too. The other important benefit of protein is its ability to produce energy, as it is the required fuel for mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of a cell.

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9. It Is Simple To Add

Though not particularly a health benefit, the simple and versatile nature of flax seeds can make their addition to your diet an easy task. They can mix well with beverages, which could aid in thickening the consistency of the drink. It can be added to baked goods, hence adding up to their nutritional value as well. And, it can also come handy as a dressing for your salad.

benefits of flax seeds
Benefits of Flax seeds: These seeds are versatile ingredients that can be added to your beverages as well as baked goods.

What makes flax seeds beneficial is not its nutritional content; it is the number of nutrients present in it. Even a single tablespoon of flax seeds, if eaten every day, would make you take note of its various health benefits. However, you must also take utmost care by not consuming too much of it. 5 tablespoon is the desired limit for its maximum consumption, if you exceed that limit, it might disrupt your balanced diet and might adversely affect your health.

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