More the Merrier! 5 Quick Dessert Fixes for the Holidays
five desserts for the holidays

More the Merrier! 5 Quick Dessert Fixes for the Holidays

Warm, sweet, and an absolute treat. Here is a list of Team Mishry’s favorite desserts of 2021.

It’s that time of year when each meal must and should end on (or begin with) a sweet note aka dessert. Chilly winters, cozy blankets, and a warm serving of dessert. This sounds like a hug in a bowl. Doesn’t it? 

When it comes to desserts, those with tons of experience and those who’ve just stepped into the culinary world, both may be a little intimidated. And rightly so, measuring a dozen different ingredients to the T, sifting them, mixing then combining, and the long 30-minute wait. Oh wait, we didn’t mention the king-sized load of dishes you’d have to clean up later.

Let Team Mishry be your knight in shining armor (or Santa) with this list of super quick, hassle-free, and DELISH desserts. Firmly believing in ‘More the merrier’ we share not one but FIVE easy-to-make desserts that hit the spot each time. 

1. Quick and Hassle Free – Mug Cakes

betty crocker brownie mug treats

No better way to start off a list of quick holiday desserts than a mug cake! Looking to unwind? Midnight craving? We suggest mug cakes. Small but mighty, mug cakes make for great single-serving desserts with endless options for customization. While chocolate and vanilla are timeless, you could make a coffee-flavored mug cake or one with a sprinkle of cinnamon! Top your mug cake with a layer of freshly sliced fruits, dried fruits, or nuts for some natural sweetness and crunch. Without the optional toppings, you would need just five ingredients- flour (refined wheat/oats), sweetened cocoa powder, baking soda, milk, salt, and water. 

Earlier this year, instead of preparing our mug cakes from scratch, we tried Betty Crocker Mug Treats and relished the Brownie Mix for its fudgy, gooey texture. 

2. Gooey Bliss – Lava Cakes

dr oetker funfoods choco lava cake

On days you just can’t get enough of chocolatey decadence, a choco lava cake might be just the answer. Why? The chocolate-flavored sponge cake holds luscious chocolate-flavored lava. Lava cakes are always served warm which makes this a definite inclusion in our list of winter desserts!

Choco lava cakes have two simple-sounding components with super complicated recipes. If you’re on the hunt for a quick fix, we recommend trying the FunFoods Choco Lava cake mix. It comes with all the ingredients and equipment you would need. Plus it tastes exceptional!

3. A Spongy Chocolate Cake

overhead look of pillsbury oven cake on a chopping board

While ‘too much chocolate’ is a myth, if you plan on savoring a slice of cake with a mug of hot chocolate or a cinnamon-spiced latte, or the distinguished masala chai, a soft, fluffy, spongy chocolate cake would pair excellently. Similar to the mug cake recipe, you’ll need flour, sweetened cocoa powder, baking powder and soda, milk, oil/butter, and eggs. 

If you’re a vegetarian, you can replace eggs with mashed bananas or chia eggs. 

For a vegan cake, switch the animal milk with your preferred plant-based milk. 

Easily one of our favorite reviews, we tested four brands of chocolate cakes and Pilsbury Rich Choco Oven Cake Mix stood out for its inviting aroma, perfect texture, and spot-on chocolatey taste! 

4. The OG Dessert Mix – Vanilla Custard

Best Vanilla Custard Powder Brand in India (6)

Next up on the holiday special dessert list is vanilla-flavored custard. Minimal ingredients needed with a minimal cooking time, custards are hands down a beginner-friendly dessert recipe. Milk powder, a thickener (corn starch/flour) and some vanilla essence are all you need. Add some chopped fruits for a visually pleasing vibrancy and some fibrous texture. 

We reviewed five brands of vanilla custard powder available in India and loved Weikfield for its rich, creamy taste and overall convenience. 

5. For The Love Of Desi Desserts

gits gulab jamun in a bowl

Warm desserts are synonymous with winters. The chilly breeze, a freshly prepared warm dessert topped with something creamy and cold. Some unbeatable dessert combinations are gajar ka halwa with kulfi, jalebi rabdi, gulab jamun, moong dal halwa, gajak, gond ladoo among others. Recipes of most traditional desserts include naturally warming ingredients and pairs of ingredients like nuts/seeds with jaggery, gond, good fats like ghee, etc.

Gits Gulab Jamun Instant Mix is what we beat the drum for as they are prepared easily and flavored beautifully. 


There you have it folks, some dessert recipes you just can’t miss out on this season (and round the year!) Share your winter delicacies with us on Instagram @mishry_reviews and Facebook @mishryreviews.

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