Easy And Eggless Pancake Mix by Wingreens Farms – Mishry Review

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Easy And Eggless Pancake Mix by Wingreens Farms – Mishry Review

Wingreen Farms pancake mix (India) is an easy and convenient way to make pancakes. From the texture to the taste, these pancakes are as good as restaurant pancakes in every way. Following the instructions, we were able to make the pancakes effortlessly as there was no hassle of mixing up a variety of ingredients.

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4 / 5
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Wingreens justify their ‘easy’ approach with these pancakes. They require the bare minimum effort. You don’t need to assemble ingredients, not even milk and eggs. The batter is easy to prepare, just by adding water and the pancakes are amazingly tasty and fluffy.

Easy and Eggless Pancake Mix is not only a convenient option for people to make good pancakes in no time but also an alternative for people looking for vegetarian pancake mixes. Traditionally, eggs are an essential ingredient for pancakes whereas Wingreens Farms Easy Eggless pancake mix is an impressive option for those looking for eggless pancake recipes. We found the pancakes easy to make because they don’t require any additional ingredients, like milk, egg, baking powder, and vanilla essence. The only ingredient needed is some water. As the packaging says, the pancakes are as easy to make as 1, 2, 3. We experienced that we were able to finish making the pancakes in a jiffy. We were able to prepare 12 pancakes as per the packing instructions.

Quick Review

Wingreens Pancake Mix

The pancakes were fluffy, airy, and crispier on the sides. The taste can be compared to a professional one.

MRP – Rs. 199/-*

Net weight – 250 gms

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

  • The product is an eggless, vegetarian pancake mix.
  • Wingreens farms suggest storing the pack in a cool, dry, and hygienic place, away from sunlight.
  • The pancake premix makes 10-12 3” pancakes.

Refined Wheat Flour (Maida), Milk Solids, Corn Flour, Sugar, Baking Powder, Edible Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil), Dextrose, IodizedSalt, Thickener (INS 1442), Emulsifier (INS 481(i), INS 472e).

Contains added flavors – Nature Identical and Artificial (Vanilla) flavoring substances.

Quick Review Of Wingreens Farms Easy Eggless Pancake Mix

Here’s our Wingreens farms review for their Easy Eggless Pancake Mix.

Price and packaging – The pancake mix comes in double-secured packaging. Out of the two packets, the outer one is a resealable packet and the inner one is a one-time use packet. The packet has the signature style of Wingreens Farms products. 

Nutri Label – Energy – 356.67 Kcal, Protein – 9.96g, Total Carbohydrates – 70.16g, Sugar – 16.56g, Total Fat – 4.02g, Saturated Fat – 1.26g, Trans Fat – 0.00g (Approx values per 100g of product)

Dry inspection – The texture of the pancake mix was like milk powder. It had no lumps in it and was white in colour. The powder had a vanilla-like aroma.

Wingreens Pancake Mix
Dry Mix - Wingreens Farms Pancake Mix

How to make it – Wingreens Farms suggests a three-step instruction guide to make the pancakes.

  1. Add 260ml water to 250g of easy pancake mix. Combine till smooth.
  2. In a nonstick frying pan heat little oil on medium flame. With a large spoon pour approx. 1/4th cup (45ml) pancake batter and help it spread naturally by tilting the frying pan in all directions. Once Bubbles and holes start forming flip the pancake and let it cook on the reverse side until golden brown.
  3. Make a stack of pancakes and garnish with your choice of fresh fruits, butter, cream, honey, or maple syrup.

How we made it – We followed the instruction guide and the recipe is bang on. We suggest taking exact measurements as suggested by Wingreens farms. In our opinion, the recipe needs no modifications.

Pro Tip – Cook the pancakes on low flame.

Wingreens Pancake Mix
Pancakes made using the Wingreens Farms Pancake Mix.
Wingreens Pancake Mix
Flip it over! Cooking the pancakes.

Taste Test –  When we are making pancakes at home we have to collect several ingredients. We need dry ingredients like maida, baking powder, and sugar. For flavoring, we use vanilla essence. As a replacement for the egg, we may use unsalted butter. And, to mix all these ingredients, we will require milk. But with this pancake premix by Wingreens Farms, all you need additionally is water, and anything else you might want to garnish the pancakes with. 

Restaurants serve a variety of pancakes like buttermilk pancakes, vegan pancakes, savory pancakes, and many more. These pancakes are crispy and fluffy. They are in perfect golden color and taste delicious.

Wingreens Pancake Mix
Our stack of pancakes ready to be topped with fresh fruit and honey.

Following the instructions given on the pack, we managed to get golden-brown fluffy and tasty pancakes out of the Wingreens Farms easy eggless pancake mix. The pancakes were just lightly crispy on the outside and soft and airy inside. The sponginess of these pancakes was also satisfactory.  There is a delicate sweetness in these pancakes. The aroma of the pancakes has sweet vanilla notes, and our test kitchen felt like a bakery for a little while! 

We think this pancake mix is a good bet especially for bachelors who will be able to make it without a big fuss in the kitchen. This is also a comfortable option if you are looking to serve sudden guests, without any pre preparations and for budding teen-chefs. However, we recommend the product for occasional consumption only. 

The information on the pack could definitely have been more detailed. The packet has no storage instructions on how to store the contents, especially when the entire pack is not used in one go. It would be convenient for people if the packaging was resealable or at least the inner packing was divided into two pouches of the mix. The packet says that 10-13 pancakes can be made out of the mix which may not be required by a single person.


Wingreens Pancake Mix
Our final product - Wingreens Farms tasted with fresh strawberries and honey.

Easy Eggless Pancake Mix is an excellent option if you are looking for a quick convenient way to make pancakes. Easy to make, and tasting like restaurant-style pancakes, these pancakes are definitely worth the money. They can be enjoyed with or without toppings. If you want to have them as dessert, you can add maple syrup, icing sugar, and other toppings to enhance the sweetness.

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