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After checking for factors like Taste, Creaminess and Quality of Packaging and taking all brands through our special Mishry Secret Sauce, Nestlè and Amul Premium emerged as the Tastiest and Creamiest Dahi brands amongst all brands we tested.

Best Packaged Dahi To Buy: (Creamiest Pick) Amul Premium Dahi

Amul Premium is seriously creamy. There was no whey on top, the dahi was exceptionally well-set, it was rich and got top scores in our taste-test too.

Size: 400 grams, Price: Rs. 50*

*At the time of review

The yellow/green packaging of Amul Premium is vibrant and grabs attention. It is the best packaged dahi when you want to make dips and sauces.

Best Packaged Dahi To Buy: (Flavor Pick) Nestle a+ Dahi

Nestlè emerged as the undisputed flavor king during all taste-tests. It had very little whey on top, it was well set, had a smooth and creamy texture, along with a fresh and pleasing flavor.

Size: 400 grams, Price: Rs. 55*

*At the time of review

The classic blue packaging of Nestle a+ Dahi also displays a whole lot of user-friendly information, beyond the standard Nutritional Information display.

Best Packaged Dahi To Buy: (Value for Money pick) Patanjali Dahi

We picked brands that are most commonly and easily available across major cities. After several trips to local supermarkets and kiraana stores and online stores, it was clear that these are the most popular, and fast moving brands. 

Our Review Process

How we picked brands for Dahi 

We picked brands that are most commonly and easily available across major cities. After several visits to local supermarkets and kiraana stores and online stores, it was clear that these are the most popular, and fast moving brands. However, dahi is more popularly consumed during warmer months in India and as the demand goes up, more brands enter the fray. We will be updating the article with more brands as the summer gets hotter!

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Nutrition Information For Popular Dahi Brands

As per the nutrition labels on the packaging

Brands Reviewed 

Amul Premium (Buy on Amazon)

Mother Dairy  Ultimate Dahi (Buy on Big basket)

Nestlé a+ nourish (Buy on Big Basket)

Patanjali Cow’s Milk


Britannia Daily Fresh (Buy on Big Basket)


Epigamia (Buy on Big Basket)

Milky Mist 

Quick facts about most popular dahi brands:

How We Tested

Dahi is a milk-product and a lot depends on how it is ‘set’. Talking about appearances, a ‘well-set’ dahi is firm and not wobbly or jelly-like. It should have little or no whey and must have a pleasant, fresh aroma when you first open the pack. For texture, we were looking for factors such as smoothness, a non-grainy richness and absence of too much whey. For taste, factors such as a pleasing aftertaste and absence of sourness were considered. In addition to these, we also looked at the packaging quality, ease of opening, and how well a brand showcased the nutritional information and list of ingredients.

Most brands followed standardized packaging for their 400 gm packs – the size we reviewed. List of ingredients and FSSAI numbers were neatly labelled.

To check for crucial sensory factors like taste, odor and flavor, all 9 brands were taken through multiple rounds of taste-tests. These were blind-tasting sessions where sample were marked from 1 to 9. We used palate cleansers in between samples to refresh taste-buds.

Mishry Secret Sauce: Tastiest, Creamiest Dahi To Buy

Most people in India set dahi at home. Even after buying a packet from the market, most would try and use a spoon or two from the branded dahi to set dahi at home. This is what triggered us to conduct our Secret Sauce Test for dahi. We decided to set dahi, using a spoon each from all 9 brands as a starter. We used full-fat, organic milk for the process. Because the live culture in dahi gradually decreases, we use fresh samples to do conduct the Mishry Secret Sauce. (What’s Mishry Secret Sauce? Read more here…)

Conclusion: Best Dahi To Buy

Nestle a+ nourish and Amul Premium Dahi emerged as our top picks for our Best Packaged Dahi review.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! If you don’t, please tell us why! And, which one would be your favorite from this list.

Food & Beverage is a constantly evolving segment with new categories of products being launched daily. Our endeavor is to help shoppers buy better. Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during reviews are paid for by us. When we source products from Brands, we say so clearly. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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