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Best Snacks For Your Christmas And New Year Party

Best Snacks To Keep the New Year & Christmas Party Going

No matter whether you are hosting a small party or a big party, adding delicious snack items is a must. Find out the best party snacks here!

The year is all set to come to an end. There is no better way than to bring in the new year with a positive vibe and some good food. If you are planning a hardcore party at home, make sure that you pre-plan on the list of snack items. 

These snacks are a convenient and quick way to get your party started. You will get surprised looking at the numerous varieties of snacks available today. If you are having a tough time selecting the best ones, do not worry. 

From frozen snacks to cocktails to dried snacks, here is a list of the best snack options that must be on your party menu.

Best Snacks For Your Christmas And New Year Party

We have listed some convenient and easy to cook snack options for your upcoming party. Let us check out the list in detail!  

1. Seekh Kebab

veeky chicken seekh kebab

Seekh kebabs make for a delicious and appetizing snack option. The meat used in these kebabs might include mutton, chicken or lamb. A quick and easy way to prepare these for your party is to grab a pack of frozen kebabs. 

Among the different brands that we reviewed, Venky’s Chicken Seekh Kebab is a must try and will surely become a hit at your party! 


  • Venky’s Chicken Seekh Kebab is priced at Rs. 310 for a 500 gm pack. 
  • The shelf life of the product is six months from the date of manufacture. 
  • You can cook it in a tawa or oven.  

Why is it Recommended?

  • The seasoning is well balanced. 
  • The slight hint of garlic and chilies taste delicious.
  • These are thick Chicken seekh kebabs.

2.  Vegetarian Samosas

Goeld’s punjabi samosa

A party without the inclusion of Samosas is incomplete. This delicious snack is hard to stop at a single bite. Save your time in preparing these at home by grabbing a pack of Goeld’s punjabi samosa

Delicious in taste and easy to fry, these are must-have snacks on your party menu. 


  • The 600 gm pack includes 15 pieces of the samosas.
  • It comes with three different types of chutney.
  • The shelf life of this product is 18 months. 

Why is it Recommended?

  • The filling in these samosas are super delicious. 
  • It is well seasoned and flavored.
  • The outer covering is crispy.

3.  Cheese Poppons

Amul Happy treats Cheese Poppons

If you are planning to add some cheesy snacks to your party, consider adding these cheese poppons. Small in size and filled with flavors, these snacks will become an instant hit among your guests. 

We reviewed Amul’s Cheese Poppons and loved how delicious they tasted. 


  • The 30 gm pack includes 12 pieces of cheese poppons. 
  • There is no need to thaw these before frying.
  • The 300 gm pack includes 40 gm chutney as well.

Why is it Recommended?

  • These paneer nuggets were flavorful in every bite. 
  • The outer layer had the perfect crunch.
  • We loved the crumbled paneer filling that tasted fresh. 
  • It includes tiny bits of onion pieces that elevated the crunchiness of the paneer nuggets.
  • We loved the well balanced seasoning which was not bland.

4.  Pizza Pockets

ITC MasterChef Pizza Pocket
ITC MasterChef Pizza Pocket

Pizza pockets make for a delicious addition if you have a majority of guests who prefer eating vegetarian food. Filled with vegetables, pizza sauce and cheese, adding pizza pockets to your party is a must. 

In our review to find out the best pizza pockets, we reviewed three brands on the basis of texture and taste. ITC MasterChef Pizza Pocket emerged as the winner and hence are a must buy.    


  • The packaging of these pizza pockets is of good-quality. 
  • The 340 gm includes around 8 to 9 pieces.
  • Filled with a delicious mix of cheese and vegetables. 

Why is it Recommended?

  • These pizza pockets are easy to fry.
  • The outer layer is crispy.

5.  Cornitos Party Mix

Cornitos party mix

If you are having a hard drinks party, the addition of chakna is a must. These include chana, peanuts, coated peas and a few others. Cornitos party mix was tested by our Team and we love how crunchy and delicious these were. 


  • The 200 gm pack includes peanuts, corn nuts and coated green peas
  • The shelf life of this product is 12 months 
  • It comes packed in a resealable pouch 

Why is it Recommended?

  • The masala seasoning is well balanced 
  • These nuts are crunchy and fresh

6.  Cocktails

Jimmy's cocktail

Any party without the inclusion of any drinks is incomplete. Cocktails are a common drink option seen during parties. We reviewed two flavors from Jimmy’s range of cocktails and loved them. 

These are convenient and quick to prepare. Consider including them in your upcoming home party. 


  • The packaging of this cocktail mix is attractive. 
  • You can mix this cocktail either with vodka or tequila.
  • It contains 63 calories per serve. 

Why is it Recommended?

  • These cocktail mixes are flavorful and refreshing.
  • They are easy to prepare.  

7.  Chilli Garlic Potato Bites

Mccain Chilli Garlic Potato Bites

Looking to add a delicious potato based snack? We bet you can never go wrong with this option.  We recommend you to McCain’s Chilli Garlic Potato Bites and you will surely thank us later. 

The product was reviewed in our kitchen and we loved how delicious it was! A must have addition to your vegetarian party snacks. 


  • The 420 gm pack include around 70 to 75 pieces of the chili bites.
  • It contains about 83.25% of potatoes.
  • It is a vegetarian product.

Why is it Recommended?

  • The outer covering of these potato bites is crispy.
  • The chili and garlic flavor taste delicious.

8.  Chicken Samosa

Blue Flame chicken samosa

Chicken based snack items are surely a non-vegetarian person’s delight. If you are looking to bring a new twist to regular samosas, you must consider buying these frozen Chicken samosas from Blue Flame

With a crunchy outer layer and juicy chicken filling inside, these must be on your party menu. 


  • You can have this samosa either with green chutney or ketchup.
  • The 240 gm pack is priced at INR 175.
  • It contains around 11 to 12 pieces of the samosa.

Why is it Recommended?

  • These chicken samosas are super crispy.
  • It contains chunky bits of chicken.
  • It is easy to cook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few interesting FAQ’s on the Best Snacks To Add To Your Party :

1. What snacks do you need for a New Year Party?

Some of the common snack items you can include in your New Year party are:

– Pizza pockets
– Smoked Cheese Toast
– Garlic Butter Shrimp
– Stuffed Mushrooms
– Spicy Mixed Nuts
– Cucumber Canapes

2. What are the different types of snacks for a Christmas eve’s party?

Here is a list of delicious snacks to add to your Christmas eve’s party:

– Toasted Almonds
– Plum cake
– Bacon & Water Chestnut Wraps
– Garlic and Herb Quiches
– Sausage Rolls
– Lasagna Dip
– Caramel Popcorn

3. What is the most popular food at Christmas?

Here are a few popular food items popularly consumed during Christmas:

– Roasted Potatoes
– Turkey
– Brussel Sprouts
– Roast Ham
– Smoked Salmon
– Berries and Chips

4. How do you make party snacks easier?

For any party to be smooth and successful, advance planning is a must. Make a list of all the items that you require to prepare for your party and avoid last minute running. When everything is organized, you will be able to attend to the guests better and more peacefully.

Final Words

Here we have covered some of the best party snack options that you must add to your party list. Good food and good music are necessary to set your party the right way. All of the products mentioned above have been reviewed in our kitchen. 

Which snack would you prefer to add to your party? Do let us know in the comments below.

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